6 Unique Ways to Market Your Skin Care Business

Demand from consumers for natural skin care products has soared, with the sector constantly expanding in many countries. There are particular products aimed at different skin types, age groups, budgets and lifestyles, therefore the consumer base is continually expanding. Here are six skin care marketing tips that will encourage people to sample and regularly purchase the products you sell.

Carry out Customer Surveys

Customers can offer helpful input concerning anything from your product quality, to the promotion, and pricing. Surveys allow you to find out what people appreciate about your range of products, and where they think there is room for improvement. Ask where they purchase skin care products, how frequently they use them, and whether they have experienced any differences to their skin after applying your products.

Use Social Media

Setting up accounts on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, etc. will allow you to connect with the masses. You will need to write content relating to your business. After you attract an audience on these platforms, you can publish links to your products that will give your business far more exposure. Social media users often share this type of content with their friends, which allows you to spread the word about your product line faster.

Embrace the Power of Video

Produce a brief video tutorial of a procedure or product, using a digital device like your smartphone. Set up a free account on YouTube and publish a new video every week. In addition, you can play the video footage instore on a tablet or laptop. Watching a procedure on screen is an effective sales technique.

Give Customers Product Samples

Although competitive prices and quality ingredients might be sufficient to appeal to some customers, others prefer to sample products prior to purchasing them. Allow customers to try your skin care range, before parting with their money. Even huge companies like Burt’s Bees, which has numerous lines of beauty products, and Sephora, which sells a broad variety of brands, use product samples to advertise their skin care ranges. Sampling gives customers more confidence in your brand.

Cash Stamps

One unconventional approach is to use guerilla marketing tactics, like placing stickers or flyers with your website in random places with little information outside of your web address on them. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site as inquiring minds what to know what your website contains and what you are about.

Obtain Testimonials

Request testimonials from customers who like your line of skin care products. Use these on your website, brochures, email campaigns, and share these testimonials on your social media account. Prospective customers are interested to hear the results that others have had with your products. Testimonials give your brand credibility and enable you to use existing customers to promote your business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is a highly-personalized pursuit, similar to caring for your skin. You do not need to use all of these ideas, however spend some time thinking about your company and try the ideas that are most suitable. Ensure that your audience knows your products and why you believe in them, and the profits will take care of themselves.

Onoxa makes these tips easier to use by giving you personalized marketing materials with every product order. Find out how it works here.

5 Tips For Launching Your eCommerce Beauty Business

Ready to take the next step in managing a successful beauty business?

Launching and running an online store could be the boost your business needs to really take off and succeed. Here’s what you need to do if you’re ready to launch your eCommerce beauty business:

Find the best business model for you

You have several options when it comes to your eCommerce business structure.You can choose between running a corporation, an LLC, a partnership, or you can be a sole proprietor.

In simple terms, corporations and LLCs are separate entities. The corporation or LLC owns the business, not you or your business partners. They both enter into their own contracts and deals, and are liable for their own debts and obligations. The difference between the two is that LLCs aren’t as tightly monitored by the government as corporations, but corporations are more attractive to investors.

If neither of those options sound appealing, you can be a sole proprietor or start a partnership. This will give you more freedom, but also puts your personal assets at risk.

There isn’t a single business structure that works for everyone, so be sure to do your research before you commit to one.

Research your competition

Once you’ve decided how to manage your business, you’ll need to do some research about who and what you’re up against. You’ll need to look online and in your physical area to find out what’s being sold, what there’s a need for, and what price will give you the perfect competitive edge.

Stock your inventory

Don’t be one of those businesses that sends clients away after an appointment and hope they return in a few weeks. Instead, encourage them to come back regularly for services and your product.

Get to know your clients and find out what they need. Stock up on that product and — this is crucial — keep that in stock.

Service fees and tips can help you cover basic costs, but selling your own product line, like private label skin care, can be a major boost in income.

Start marketing early

No matter where you are in your business, you can never start marketing too early. Create social media profiles on all major platforms that show off your personality and your brand’s ultimate goals.

You should also have a website that has your business info, a short bio about you and your business partners and an online store where you can sell your inventory and book appointments.

Don’t get too caught up in the tech world, though. Get out there and speak to members of your community, as well.

Stay compliant

Once you get through the startup phase and begin maintaining a successful business, you might feel like you can finally relax — and you can — just don’t get too comfortable. Now you’ll need to stay on top of accounting, business filings and more.

The key is to stay organized and ask for help when you need it. Invest in a good planner and an accountant to keep your business safe and thriving.

5 Easy Ways Beauty Pros Can Elevate the Client Experience

Once you’ve taken your business off the ground floor, you’ll need to focus your efforts on customer retention. While it’s a task easier said than done, the easiest way to do that is to ensure each customer’s experience is good enough to keep them coming back — and good enough for them to recommend you to others.

Here’s how beauty pros can take a client’s experience from expected to extraordinary:

Offer personalized retail recommendations

People come to you and your business because they trust your expertise. You can repay their loyalty by listening to their individual wants and needs. If you’re an esthetician, for example, you should know which private label skin care products work well among your clients. Get to know their specific needs and teach them why a customized skin care routine is so important. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to learn about them and will likely recommend you to their friends and family.

Reward customer loyalty

Returning customers should be thanked and rewarded in a way that shows them your appreciation. Showing your gratitude while keeping your business afloat might seem tricky, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank. Some business owners offer loyalty programs for clients that let them earn discounted or complimentary services. Others offer cheaper solutions, like priority in scheduling or optimal parking spots. How you choose to reward your returning customers will vary depending on affordability, but it’s important for customers to feel both respected and appreciated.

Make it easy to provide feedback

Customer feedback is crucial to any business’ overall success. Depending on your clientele, you can offer physical feedback cards at your salon’s front desk, send email surveys or conduct them in-person. No matter how small a criticism might seem, take it into consideration — there’s a chance other clients are thinking the same thing. After receiving the feedback, make sure to communicate any complaints with your staff because this will benefit the clients’ overall experience.

Create a soothing environment

When it comes to beauty treatments, consumers crave comfort. Strive for soothing tones, quiet music and friendly service in your own salon. Small touches, like subtle candles and complimentary tea can also make a huge difference in your customers’ overall experience. If you sell your own product, consider using lighter hues and patterns in your labels to match your salon space.

Ensure booking is simple and reliable

Whether you’re booking a new client or a satisfied customer, the process should be quick, easy and accurate. First, make sure you’re rebooking customers on their way out of each appointment. Work with them to find the best time and promise to follow up as the appointment gets closer. Second, ensure new clients can book an appointment online, over the phone, or in-person. Again, promise to follow up closer to the date of the appointment. Avoid overbooking or running late — one long waiting period or scheduling glitch can send customers to your competition.

Benefits of Utilizing Video to Sell Your Products

The driving force behind Onoxa has always been to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Allowing small businesses to sell custom-branded merchandise like the large players helps accomplish this goal, but it’s not enough on its own.

Expanding your marketing approach to include video may seem too complicated at first, but you may accomplish it without investing in too much time or money. Basic video equipment and personality are all you need to get the two benefits below:

Improve Your SEO

Every business wants to generate leads, and a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a great way to do just that. Most prospective customers never look at a page of search results beyond the first, eliminating many companies from their consideration early in the decision-making process. Keywords, backlinks, and quality content are all great ways to improve your SEO, but video helps a lot too.

Google is the largest search engine right now, and their SEO algorithm loves videos. Sites with video are prioritized because of the competitive search terms. Results may also be sorted by medium, meaning there is an entire listing of video content for customers interested in videos. Most companies who Onoxa serves are not focusing on this area of SEO. This gives you the golden opportunity to get in on a marketing trend that may be more challenging in the future.

Video is also more shareable than text and encourages customers to share with their friends and family. It’s best to minimize the narration and length of your video because prospective customers are less likely to watch a long, confusing video.

Prospective Customers Like Videos

Research suggests that consumers prefer watching videos over reading in a text format. Animoto’s Online and Social Marketing Study found that four out of five consumers prefer video content and 75 percent found video demonstrations helpful in informing their purchasing process.

As a result, sites with video content generally have higher conversion rates than companies relying exclusively on text product descriptions. For instance, LiveClicker’s 2014 Video Commerce Report found that video on product pages increased both conversion rates and the average order sizes relative to pages lacking such content. One reason for this is that consumers are more likely to connect with (and purchase from) a company they feel a personal connection with. Nobody wants to shop at “Generic Mart,” after all!

Video also presents a great opportunity to show off why your products are superior to others. Many product descriptions in the cosmetics field include a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, like how collagen works or the specific compounds used to hydrate the skin. This is valuable information to an industry insider, but the average person may be turned off by something they cannot understand. A video can teach these scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way, helping potential consumers realize why you are better than your competition.

Instead of saying that your custom-branded Onoxa Hydrating Face Moisturizer is easy-to-use, make a video demonstrating how easy it is. This eliminates any confusion in the consumer’s mind while simultaneously reducing your return rate, and in turn boosting your revenue.

Videos help in every stage of the conversion cycle, helping establish your brand identity to new customers and explaining the benefits of your Onoxa products to existing ones. Incorporate it into your marketing strategy today to take your business to the next level!

Partner with Onoxa to build your brand and make videos explaining your private labeled products!

3 E-Commerce Platforms To Utilize In 2018

We figured out the best websites you should choose from as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs and new business owners often look for ways to expand their reach, so they can sell more products or services. Using an ecommerce platform is the best way to do this, as it can provide the tools for reaching a larger audience.

Ecommerce platforms offer benefits like payment processing, secure shopping carts, SEO optimization, email accounts for users, inventory management, and customization of the site. Many platforms don’t require any technical knowledge or skills to set up the site.

Entrepreneurs launching a product or service brand in 2018 should consider these three platforms:

Big Commerce

Big Commerce offers several templates for online storefront selling. It works well with eBay and Amazon, and other popular sites for selling products. The platform boasts minimal downtime and easy to use selling tools. It also has secure hosting, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and no transaction fees. Users can choose from several themes for storefront templates. Also, users with web development expertise can custom design their own store fronts.

Big Commerce offers payment processing provider choices and data analytics at no extra charge. Users can easily add their favorite apps from over 320 options, with a single click.


Volusion offers several storefront plans and attractive storefront templates. An in-page content editor makes it easier to customize storefront to meet the needs of the business. Payment processing is offered through Paypal and Stripe.

Volution users can add unlimited product categories. The platform provides advanced SEO tools, automated shipping, tax calculators, and inventory management. Adding social media applications is simple. Users develop and send online marketing through the platform for streamlined marketing efforts. Plans start at $15 for the mini and goes up to $135. Secure check-out is provided at all levels with no payment processing fees. They also offer a free trial for businesses.


Wix is another e-commerce platform offering attractive templates for store fronts and businesses. Users can even customize the site from one of the 100+ templates provided. They also get their own domain, but can pay a small fee for a personalized domain. Users choose the product and layout designs and customize the pages to suit their needs.

Wix offers inventory management, tracking, and free payment processing. You can customize tax and shipping options and create coupons and promotional materials. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the free website building tools. Or there are more advanced options for online business that require a low monthly fee.

An online storefront business can get started with as little as $8.50 per month. For only $25 a month, the VIP package offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. Customer support and site review services are also offered with the VIP package.

Review the top three e-commerce platform services to determine which one suits you. Consider your store front needs based on your budget. They all offer storefront, inventory tracking, payment processing, and secure shopping. Besides, all platforms offer free templates to make storefront development easy.


As an entrepreneur, start making your hobby into a business. Onoxa has clinical-grade, industry-leading, private-label skincare products for you to start customizing today.


How to Make Six Figures in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is an exciting, fast-paced, innovative field to be working in during 2020. From esthetics and skincare to hairstyling and barbering, beauty industry jobs are rapidly growing as more and more people flock toward creative professions.

But a love of beauty and a talented eye does not immediately make a successful career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hairstylist salary is $24,850 per year, while the average esthetician makes slightly more with an average annual wage of $30,090.

But with some savvy, talent, and hard work, you can make more money than you ever have previously and work your way toward a six figure income in the salon and spa industry.

Here are our tips to increase your income in the beauty industry:

1. Find your niche

When you first start out in your field, it’s likely you’ll be tempted (or required) to offer a little bit of everything to everyone. It’s normal to start out offering a wide range of services. But a jack of all trades can make a master of none, and while it might seem counter-intuitive to offer fewer services, you’ll eventually be able to charge more per service once you find what you truly excel at and make that your specialty.

Take for example, aesthetician and microblading artist Kathryne Dare Chatelain. After many years in the industry doing a wide range of face and body waxing as well as brow design services, Chatelain found she truly loved and excelled at microblading. After narrowing her services to brow design, she gave herself the time to become an expert in her craft, attract more clients interested in her niche services, and earned more income overall.

Once you figure out what you love and do well and narrow your focus, clients will begin to come to you for your specific talents, and as you hone those skills, you’ll be in higher demand while also charging more overall for your services.

2. Be a marketer

Too often, people in creative fields forget that they are also running a business. While pure talent, creativity, and love of your craft are major cornerstones for success, you also need to market yourself if you wish to generate a six-figure income.

If you aren’t yet on social media, make sure you have an Instagram and Facebook page for your business. Post as often as you possibly can and ENGAGE with other accounts. You can use social media to find new clients as well as to entice current clients to book again and take advantage of promotions.

Social media is just the start: You’ll also want to make sure your website is up-to-date (and that it’s immediately clear what you do and where you work) and posted on as many local directories as possible.

Sitting around for your salon or spa to generate new clientele for you isn’t enough if you want to bring in a six-figure income.

3. Build relationships (and trust)

The best thing you can do for your business is become someone your clients trust with their lives! When you put forth the effort to not just be a friend to them, but an expert who knows exactly what their skin, hair, or body needs, you’ll build a roster of repeat clients who feel they can’t live without you.

You can also build trust by consistently providing exceptional service to your clients, time and time again. No matter what service you’re performing, do everything in your power to make each and every client that walks into your salon or spa feel like a queen or king.

Your clients will trust you as you suggest different services or add-ons they need, increasing the overall price of their visit and boosting your bottom line. And because your service is so exemplary, they’ll become total advocates of your services, giving word-of-mouth referrals to all their friends.

4. Give yourself regular pay raises

If you don’t regularly increase your prices, you risk having your salary become stagnant (but remember, you need to build strong relationships and provide service so amazing that your clients are willing to pay more!)

“Kick them up 6 to 10 percent at a minimum,” salon owner and author Eric Fisher tells Behind The Chair. Eric recommends raising your prices annually, preferably in November, just before the surge in holiday clientele. “People are used to spending more and they’re in a buying mode,” Fisher explains.

5. Highly encourage rebooking

You want your calendar to be filled up well in advance — and one of the most reliable ways to do this is with repeat clientele. At the end of your appointment, encourage your client to book their next appointment right there with you. You can position it as being less work for them, a way for them not to forget, and also a way for them to guarantee a spot in your extremely busy schedule.

6. Sell retail, and sell it well

Too many salon and spa artists simply bid their clients goodbye at the end of an appointment without putting an effort into selling retail. Commissions on retail sales (or straight profit, if you’re selling your own product line) can stack up to be a major boost in income that can continue to grow exponentially.

Don’t just recommend a product and hope for the best. During an appointment, you have the opportunity to get a client excited about the products you’re using on them during treatment. Explain what the products are doing and why you love them so much, adding why you recommend regular use.

Make surging your retail sales a major focus of your business strategy, and you’ll see a near-immediate boost in your income.

7. Sell your own products

If you’re working in the beauty industry independently or have your own beauty business, you have the opportunity to profit directly off of your own line of beauty products. Selling a line of high-quality, luxury-grade products branded to your business is actually easier than you might think: You can use an easy online platform to select products, order samples, and create custom labels.

8. When you’re ready, break out on your own

Opening your own spa, salon, barbershop, or launching your own beauty product line takes work, but should ultimately be the goal if you’re looking to make a six figure income. The beauty industry is entrepreneurial in nature: You as a beauty professional have the opportunity to pay your dues and learn as much as you can in the early stages of your career, then take what you’ve learned to build something bigger.

As a salon, spa, or brand owner, you have the chance to build something of value that extends beyond your individual services, meaning you can work less and earn more.

*Onoxa empowers entrepreneurs in the beauty industry to create, launch, and sell their own lines of beauty products. Learn more about what we do and why we do it, and order your first Sample Kit.

5 Strategies for Growing Your Skin Care Business Using Amazon

Walt Disney once said that if you want customers to fall in love with your business, you should do what you do so well that your customers will want to come back again and bring their friends. A customer-centered approach will grow your Amazon skin care business.

Amazon offers you with an opportunity to grow your business. When you sell on Amazon, you have the opportunity to reach billions of customers all over the world. Selling on Amazon also has low overheads compared to having a brick and mortar store. Here are our five strategies to growing a successful skin care business using Amazon as your marketplace.

1. A Satisfied Customer is Your Best Amazon Growth Strategy

A satisfied customer will become a return customer. Business growth on Amazon involves attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. You need to satisfy your Amazon customers. You should sell to them high-quality products that are well packaged. All products should arrive on time. You should always listen to the complaints of customers and act on them.

2. Price Your Products Competitively

According to Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, there are two kinds of businesses: those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them. On Amazon, most businesses usually work to lower prices.

To grow your skin care business on Amazon, you need to have competitive prices. You should find out the prices of your competitors and price your products at lower prices. For that to be the case, you must source your products affordably. Onoxa offers an affordable way to create your own custom-branded products, with low minimums and little overhead costs.

3. Offer Specials, Discounts, and Giveaways

Many people who shop on Amazon are searching for deals. You need to have promotions to attract customers. You can offer free shipping on goods above a certain value. You can have a promotion such as buy one and get one free. In addition, there should be lucrative discounts, especially at peak selling times like the holiday season.

4. Consider Using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Handling fulfillment issues is a big hassle. If you want to grow an Amazon business, you should handle only the necessary tasks and outsource the rest. A third party can handle fulfillment issues.

Amazon offers a fulfillment service (FBA). If you choose FBA, Amazon will receive your goods on your behalf, package them, label them, and ship them to your customers.

5. Brand and Optimize Your Products

On Amazon, people buy brands. You need to work on building your brand. A good product name and great packaging will help in branding.

You should optimize your product details for search. Details to optimize include product title and description. You need to use keywords in these details. You should also have professional product images.

The Bottom-Line

Many people are frequent Amazon shoppers, especially as their “Prime” business continues to flourish. Therefore, if you want to grow your skin care enterprise, your business should be where most of your potential customers are: Amazon. Online presence is vital. Your business requires an effective internet presence.

Learn how you can start your online skincare business with Onoxa here.

How to Grow Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

By working with Onoxa, you’re already well on your way to growing your skin care business exponentially. Your customized line of quality skin care products is sure to lend your brand a perceived value that is very difficult to achieve without exclusive merchandise. If you want to take your marketing game to an even higher level, it is worth your while to consider influencer marketing.

The Basics

Influencer marketing is partnering with a third-party “influencer” who will promote your brand through social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It’s a simple premise, but research suggests that it is a very effective one. Consider the following statistics:

70 percent of teenage YouTube subscribers trust YouTube stars more than traditional celebrities, according to Think with Google.

Businesses average $6.50 in additional revenue for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, according to a study by Convince and Convert.

93 percent of marketers who tried influencer marketing believe it to be effective, according to Visualitan.

51 percent of marketers believe that influencer marketing generates higher quality leads than other advertising methods, according to Single Grain.

59 percent of marketers increased their influencer marketing budgets in 2016, again according to Single Grain.

The reason why influencer marketing works is easy: we live in a cynical age. Consumers are increasingly mistrustful of traditional advertising channels and even companies themselves, making them much harder to reach than they were 30 years ago. According to Nielsen figures, 83 percent of consumers trust personal opinions over paid advertising.

Influencer marketing allows businesses to partner with social media celebrities whose followers see them as an individual, not a commercial. Therefore, these influencers have a unique ability to connect with their audiences and “influence” their purchasing decisions.

Starting an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Now that you know what influencer marketing is, you’re probably wondering how to get started. The first thing that you should do is identify the goals you would like to achieve through your campaign. This decision will impact what social media channels you should target and which influencers would make a good partner for your brand of skin care products.

Next, you need to choose your partner(s). This is best done by first searching for hashtags and/or keywords relevant to your industry on a site such as BuzzSumo. Once you have a list of prospects, narrow it down according to the following criteria:

1. Reach

This includes the number of followers a given influencer reaches, which obviously impacts the amount of good they can do for your brand. However, raw audience is not the only factor. An influencer with a smaller total audience that generates more likes than somebody with a larger following frequently indicates that the first individual has more audience engagement. This increases their ability to influence their audience versus someone with a larger following but less engagement.

2. Audience

Essentially, “Who follows this person?”. You’re selling premium skin care products, so an influencer with an audience of mostly adolescent boys is unlikely to help you no matter what.

3. Natural Approach

Some influencers work with so many brands that every post they make is an advertisement of some sort. Their followers begin labeling them as commercials as a result, negating the potential impact of influencer marketing. Look for someone who is selective about the brands they endorse for best results.

4. Consistency

Finally, work with someone with a tone and value set your brand can support. If somebody is known for outspoken political views, for example, working with them may turn off more prospective customers than it brings in.

Final Word

When you find the right person, reach out to them directly so that the influencer knows you care about your blossoming relationship. Compensation is sometimes in the form of cash, but doesn’t have to be if you’re light on capital. A free sample of your premium skin care products is sure to open the door to a profitable partnership. Your partner gets free swag, and you get the brand recognition that comes organically from the influencer using it!

There are many auxiliary benefits to influencer marketing, including an improved SEO ranking and the ability to bypass ad-blockers. Try it today to see the many benefits it can provide for yourself!

10 Foolproof Tips For Customer Retention

The ability for a business to attract and retain customers is key to making significant progress with regards to profitability and expansion. This is why any business person must learn about some of the critical strategies to retain customers. Here are top 10 foolproof tips shared by Onoxa.

1. Communicate with customers

Customers that come to you for services or products are human beings with feelings which is why your business needs to have a human touch. By communicating with your clients on a frequent basis you are able to connect on a personal level and this is key to retaining the majority of them. Communications can be carried out through various platforms including social media pages, comment sections of websites, telephone, live chats, and email.

2. Use content marketing

Human beings are likely to buy products that they have heard of rather than those that are presented to them for the first time. If for example you are looking for a skin care product you are likely to opt for the one you heard about from a friend or read about on your social media page. This information should form a basis on which any business builds content marketing strategies. The Internet offers endless options for you to carry out marketing campaigns.

3. Make use of the phone

Most businesses today tend to shun the use of telephone calls as a way of communicating with customers. However, this can be an effective strategy because it allows you to interact on a personal level with your clients. You get to know what they really want and come up with solutions that are likely to resonate with them.

4. Reward loyalty

By providing special perks to customers that have been purchasing products from you consistently you are able to give them another reason to remain loyal. Create levels of customer reward clubs from important to very important people. Having a special offer for people that have made purchases over six months can be a good way to promote products and encourage more people to be loyal.

5. Go the extra mile

Show appreciation to your customers by going an extra mile. This can be done in a number of ways depending on what is convenient for you at the time. Following your clients on Twitter, writing them a letter of appreciation, throwing a party for them at the end of the year are all ways that can win loyalty.

6. Target marketing can be helpful

By gathering some data on your clients you are able to create personalized messages that can win them over. When sending a marketing message include the client’s real name and a few details about them. This will let them know that you actually did your homework and want them to be a part of your team.

7. Improve customer experience

The experience a customer has while using your services or products can be key to winning their loyalty. Build your site to load as fast as possible and make navigation easy. Respond to any inquiries fast and expedite any complaints that may be registered. Do your best to deliver products on time and in the best condition. Onoxa helps their customers by creating an efficient process with quick turnaround times. Find out here how you can get custom branded products at your doorstep in just days.

8. Share customer testimonials

People that have never interacted with you may find it hard taking your word. However, by sharing testimonials that other clients have written you are able to prove to the whole world that what you are saying is actually true and has been experienced by other people.

9. Create meetups

It is one thing to interact with customers on the telephone or email and a completely different thing to meet face-to-face. By creating events in which you can meet personally you will be able to build trust and win more clients.

10. Offer incentives

Offer incentives such as cash discounts, free samples and bonuses for those who use your products and services.

3 Ways To Sell Your Beauty Products In Your Community

Building a brand with Onoxa is simple, but marketing them is another story. There are possibilities to sell your beauty brand without using major marketing channels. You can use your existing community to help build your customer base. Below are three tips on how to sell your custom-branded beauty products in your community.

Become a Vendor at Community Events

Getting your products in front of potential clients is important. If no one sees your beauty line, they won’t know about it. One of the easiest ways to sell locally is to buy a table for a community event. Create an attractive display with your best products for potential customers. When it comes to beauty products, customers want to smell scents and feel textures. Arrange your table with samples in front for customers to see. Hand out a brochure, price sheet, and or business card with your contact information. Customers can buy products at a later date if you provide them with your company’s information.


Business organizations are a great way to network with other local businesses. Start with your local chamber of commerce. These organizations offer “after hour” events to help local business owners socialize. Bring business cards to hand out while discussing your beauty products. Pertinent professional beauty organizations also offer local meetings.

Follow-up with your new contacts to see if they’re interested in your products. Present display ideas and provide knowledge on how they can make a profit. By attending networking events, you may discover new shows in your area.

Provide Sufficient Samples

More than any other industry, the sale of beauty products is fueled by samples. Women not only need to smell scents and feel textures, they need to know whether your products will fit their needs. That’s where samples come in. Provide mini sizes of your products that potential customers can use at least once, but preferably two or three times, to determine whether they like the product. Instead of considering this as an expense, look at it as an investment in your future. Carry samples with you always and distribute them at networking events and local fairs. You can also give them to local vendors who agree to sell your products. Letting potential customers try your wares will lead to higher sales.

As an entrepreneur, start making your hobby into a business. Onoxa has clinical-grade, industry-leading, private-label skin care products for you to start customizing today.

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