Oct 02, 2018

Benefits of Utilizing Video to Sell Your Products

The driving force behind Onoxa has always been to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. Allowing small businesses to sell custom-branded merchandise like the large players helps accomplish this goal, but it’s not enough on its own.

Expanding your marketing approach to include video may seem too complicated at first, but you may accomplish it without investing in too much time or money. Basic video equipment and personality are all you need to get the two benefits below:

Improve Your SEO

Every business wants to generate leads, and a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is a great way to do just that. Most prospective customers never look at a page of search results beyond the first, eliminating many companies from their consideration early in the decision-making process. Keywords, backlinks, and quality content are all great ways to improve your SEO, but video helps a lot too.

Google is the largest search engine right now, and their SEO algorithm loves videos. Sites with video are prioritized because of the competitive search terms. Results may also be sorted by medium, meaning there is an entire listing of video content for customers interested in videos. Most companies who Onoxa serves are not focusing on this area of SEO. This gives you the golden opportunity to get in on a marketing trend that may be more challenging in the future.

Video is also more shareable than text and encourages customers to share with their friends and family. It’s best to minimize the narration and length of your video because prospective customers are less likely to watch a long, confusing video.

Prospective Customers Like Videos

Research suggests that consumers prefer watching videos over reading in a text format. Animoto’s Online and Social Marketing Study found that four out of five consumers prefer video content and 75 percent found video demonstrations helpful in informing their purchasing process.

As a result, sites with video content generally have higher conversion rates than companies relying exclusively on text product descriptions. For instance, LiveClicker’s 2014 Video Commerce Report found that video on product pages increased both conversion rates and the average order sizes relative to pages lacking such content. One reason for this is that consumers are more likely to connect with (and purchase from) a company they feel a personal connection with. Nobody wants to shop at “Generic Mart,” after all!

Video also presents a great opportunity to show off why your products are superior to others. Many product descriptions in the cosmetics field include a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, like how collagen works or the specific compounds used to hydrate the skin. This is valuable information to an industry insider, but the average person may be turned off by something they cannot understand. A video can teach these scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way, helping potential consumers realize why you are better than your competition.

Instead of saying that your custom-branded Onoxa Hydrating Face Moisturizer is easy-to-use, make a video demonstrating how easy it is. This eliminates any confusion in the consumer’s mind while simultaneously reducing your return rate, and in turn boosting your revenue.

Videos help in every stage of the conversion cycle, helping establish your brand identity to new customers and explaining the benefits of your Onoxa products to existing ones. Incorporate it into your marketing strategy today to take your business to the next level!

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