Launching your own beauty brand?
We have all the answers to your frequently asked questions to help you get started.

About Us

How does this work?

Onoxa is world’s first and only private label manufacturing online platform to brand your own beauty products in just a few clicks. You can learn more about private labeling here.

Select the products you would like to sell. Fill out the design form in our cart. Our designers will create your brand’s custom label design for every custom-branded sample kit and wholesale order. (We do not provide label design for trial packs.) Provide us with your label edits once you receive your label design through PageProof. We will print your labels, label your products and ship your custom-labeled product to you.

Once you receive your products, create your own pricing and start selling!

Have questions? Reach out on our live chat, or email us at hello@onoxa.com

Where are you located?

Our head office/fulfillment center and our manufacturing facility are located in St. Petersburg, FL.

All of our skin care products are blended, bottled and branded by us!

Our address: 2260 118th Ave NSt. Petersburg FL 33716

About Our Products

Are your product formulas vegan, natural, etc?

Our chemists leverage science, expertise and nature to deliver the most potent formulations in the skin care and beauty industry. Comprised of the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world, our clinical-grade formulas are safe and effective.

Our skin care products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, talc-free, cruelty-free and vegan. Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients, however, are not certified all-natural or organic.

What packaging options do you offer?

High-End & Hemp Beauty
Choose between: Clear with White Tops or Amber with Black Tops.Our skin care bottles are clear or frosted amber glass.Our face wash and hair care are in recyclable plastic.

Value Beauty
Clear plastic with Silver & White Tops. Our applicator products are Frosted Clear.

White and Black Plastic Bottles

How much does starting my own beauty brand cost? What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no start up cost! All sales are one-time purchases. You can start out by ordering a sample or trial pack of the products you’d like to try before selling.

For wholesale orders, our minimum order quantity is 12 units per formula. Unit pricing varies, depending on your quantity. Individual pricing is listed on each product’s page.

How do I price my products?

Pricing is a brand choice. As the manufacturer, we do not provide individual product pricing for the retailer. Although you are selling the same formula, you might be selling to different target audiences.

You should determine what is the best strategy to make the best profit margin. Learn more about our strategy for pricing your products for profitability here.

Our products are high-end, USA-made and should be priced accordingly. Here are some suggestions:

          Face & Eye Serums: $35 – $85
          Creams & Moisturizers: $40 – $90
          Masks & Scrubs: $45 – $90
          Cleansers: $30 – $60
          Lip Products: $30 – $40
          Lash Serum: $40 – $60
          Hemp Products: $40 – $60

Are your products FDA approved? Can I sell on Amazon?

Cosmetics are not registered with the FDA, but the FDA regulates cosmetics and their labeling. Claims that intended to affect/change structure of skin, hair or body are considered drug claims by the FDA. Any product with these claims will be considered not-approved drugs, and selling not approved drugs is illegal.

Yes, you can sell on Amazon. They will ask for this documentation. We have Certificate of Analysis (CoA) documents for your products that we can provide. Onoxa offers FBA prep services where we can ship directly to Amazon’s various distribution centers. The charge for the extra labeling requirements is $35/hour billed in 15-minute increments.

Do I need product insurance?

You do not need to obtain product insurance. If there is ever a liability claim or other legal dispute regarding the product’s formula, you may disclose that Onoxa is the manufacturer of your products. Our insurance covers cases of a lawsuit regarding our products. If we produce a product that causes an issue with one of your customers, our insurance will cover our end if we’re named in the lawsuit.

We do recommend are customers obtain their own business insurance to protect them against any legal matters for their business.

About Design

What information required on the label? What is compliance?

We go to the highest measures to ensure your products and their labels meet all FDA requirements and regulations. Our industry-leading quality and compliance team protects you.

When it comes to the label or product descriptions, we (Onoxa or our customers) cannot claim that the product/formula makes a physical change to the skin, hair or body or affects the structure or function of skin, hair or body (this would be a drug claim). We can only claim that it changes the appearance of the skin and that products are for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance (since these are cosmetic claims).

Our label requirements:
          ◇ Product Name
          ◇ Fill Quantity
          ◇ Directions
          ◇ Cautions
          ◇ Distribution Information
                    ◇ Company or Personal Name
                    ◇ City, State & Zip
                    ◇ Email, Website or Phone #
          ◇ Ingredients (if not listed on your outer boxing or website)

What design options do you offer?

At Onoxa, we know everyone creates in different ways. That’s why we accept a variety of file formats: For logos, we recommend .PNGs with transparent backgrounds, but we also accept .JPEGs and .SVGs. For images, please send us high resolution images.

For completed label designs, please send us .PDFs with any fonts used on your labels and embed any images. We also accept packaged .Ai files. (If using any Adobe programs, do not outline paragraphed text.)

What art-files create the best label design?

At Onoxa, we know everyone creates in different ways. That’s why we accept a variety of file formats: For logos, we recommend .PNGs with transparent backgrounds, but we also accept .JPEGs and .SVGs.
For images, please send us high resolution images. For completed label designs, please send us .PDFs with any fonts used on your labels and embed any images. We also accept packaged .Ai files. (If using any Adobe programs, do not outline paragraphed text.)

How can I design my own labels without Onoxa’s designers help?

Want to create your own labels for your brand? Download our Label Templates for our products and thoroughly read the instructions on the first page. We recommend using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. We accept .PDFs without outlined text for your final label design.

Be sure to keep all text and critical design elements within the dashed lines. This will ensure these components are within the safe area for printing.

No bleed is necessary when creating your own label design. We will add the bleed in the post-order process before sending your artwork to print.

Have questions when designing these? Reach out to our design team at artwork@onoxa.com.

How does the label design proofing process work?

Within a few days of ordering a custom-branded sample kit or wholesale products, you will receive an emails from PageProof for you to review your label design.

All custom-branded orders receive 3 free rounds of proofs to provide edits.

You can read our tutorial on how to use Pageproof for desktop here and for mobile here.

Please note: Digital proof colors and actual printed colors may vary. This is due to screen monitors displaying colors differently than in person. Printed labels may appear darker due to inked paper versus a bright, illuminated screen. Our team ensures your labels will print as accurate as possible to your proofs. Using multiple screens may also vary the appearance of the label colors.

How does the print process work?

Once you approve your label designs, we will send your designs off to our in-house print team. Your labels will be printed using top-of-the-line laser printers on satin, matte labels. Once your labels have printed and dried, our fulfillment team will then pull and label your products. All products will have a plastic sleeve around the final product to ensure sanitization.

Can I include metallic foil on my labels?

Yes, foil is available for wholesale orders. Choose from gold, silver, blue or red metallic foil. Please specify which areas you’d like to be foiled on your labels in your Design Form.

Foil is not currently available for Sample Kit orders

About Your Order Account

How long does it take to receive my order?

We pride ourselves not only on quality and support but also on efficiency. Our lead time is the fastest in the industry. Your custom-branded products will ship to your door in about 14 business days. This time may vary depending on your artwork, order size, and proofing process.

What is your payment, refund and return policy?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. We have the most up-to-date security systems for handling online payments.

If your item or items have been damaged during shipping, we will gladly issue a refund for your order or resend your products. Email a photo of your damaged products with your Order # as the subject to hello@onoxa.com. To learn more about our returns policy, click here.

How do I create my account or reset my password?

To purchase from us, you must create an account first. Click here to easily sign up.

Click here to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to your inbox (check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it right away).

To change your password, visit your Account Details section of your account. Enter your current password, then enter your new password and re-enter to confirm. Click the Save Changes before leaving the page.