Aug 15, 2018

3 Ways To Sell Your Beauty Products In Your Community

Building a brand with Onoxa is simple, but marketing them is another story. There are possibilities to sell your beauty brand without using major marketing channels. You can use your existing community to help build your customer base. Below are three tips on how to sell your custom-branded beauty products in your community.

Become a Vendor at Community Events

Getting your products in front of potential clients is important. If no one sees your beauty line, they won’t know about it. One of the easiest ways to sell locally is to buy a table for a community event. Create an attractive display with your best products for potential customers. When it comes to beauty products, customers want to smell scents and feel textures. Arrange your table with samples in front for customers to see. Hand out a brochure, price sheet, and or business card with your contact information. Customers can buy products at a later date if you provide them with your company’s information.


Business organizations are a great way to network with other local businesses. Start with your local chamber of commerce. These organizations offer “after hour” events to help local business owners socialize. Bring business cards to hand out while discussing your beauty products. Pertinent professional beauty organizations also offer local meetings.

Follow-up with your new contacts to see if they’re interested in your products. Present display ideas and provide knowledge on how they can make a profit. By attending networking events, you may discover new shows in your area.

Provide Sufficient Samples

More than any other industry, the sale of beauty products is fueled by samples. Women not only need to smell scents and feel textures, they need to know whether your products will fit their needs. That’s where samples come in. Provide mini sizes of your products that potential customers can use at least once, but preferably two or three times, to determine whether they like the product. Instead of considering this as an expense, look at it as an investment in your future. Carry samples with you always and distribute them at networking events and local fairs. You can also give them to local vendors who agree to sell your products. Letting potential customers try your wares will lead to higher sales.

As an entrepreneur, start making your hobby into a business. Onoxa has clinical-grade, industry-leading, private-label skin care products for you to start customizing today.

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