Sep 14, 2018

3 E-Commerce Platforms To Utilize In 2018

We figured out the best websites you should choose from as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs and new business owners often look for ways to expand their reach, so they can sell more products or services. Using an ecommerce platform is the best way to do this, as it can provide the tools for reaching a larger audience.

Ecommerce platforms offer benefits like payment processing, secure shopping carts, SEO optimization, email accounts for users, inventory management, and customization of the site. Many platforms don’t require any technical knowledge or skills to set up the site.

Entrepreneurs launching a product or service brand in 2018 should consider these three platforms:

Big Commerce

Big Commerce offers several templates for online storefront selling. It works well with eBay and Amazon, and other popular sites for selling products. The platform boasts minimal downtime and easy to use selling tools. It also has secure hosting, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and no transaction fees. Users can choose from several themes for storefront templates. Also, users with web development expertise can custom design their own store fronts.

Big Commerce offers payment processing provider choices and data analytics at no extra charge. Users can easily add their favorite apps from over 320 options, with a single click.


Volusion offers several storefront plans and attractive storefront templates. An in-page content editor makes it easier to customize storefront to meet the needs of the business. Payment processing is offered through Paypal and Stripe.

Volution users can add unlimited product categories. The platform provides advanced SEO tools, automated shipping, tax calculators, and inventory management. Adding social media applications is simple. Users develop and send online marketing through the platform for streamlined marketing efforts. Plans start at $15 for the mini and goes up to $135. Secure check-out is provided at all levels with no payment processing fees. They also offer a free trial for businesses.


Wix is another e-commerce platform offering attractive templates for store fronts and businesses. Users can even customize the site from one of the 100+ templates provided. They also get their own domain, but can pay a small fee for a personalized domain. Users choose the product and layout designs and customize the pages to suit their needs.

Wix offers inventory management, tracking, and free payment processing. You can customize tax and shipping options and create coupons and promotional materials. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the free website building tools. Or there are more advanced options for online business that require a low monthly fee.

An online storefront business can get started with as little as $8.50 per month. For only $25 a month, the VIP package offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. Customer support and site review services are also offered with the VIP package.

Review the top three e-commerce platform services to determine which one suits you. Consider your store front needs based on your budget. They all offer storefront, inventory tracking, payment processing, and secure shopping. Besides, all platforms offer free templates to make storefront development easy.


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