Selling Skin Care Products: 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Now is the perfect time to launch your private label skin care line and become a beauty entrepreneur. 

In the United States alone, the cosmetic industry accounts for nearly 50 billion dollars annually, with skin care being the largest and most profitable product category. This means there is a significant opportunity for success for individuals who are willing to put in the work to create, launch, and promote their brand. 

Whether as a source of supplemental income or a full-time profession, selling your own skin care products offers a chance to do something you love and the freedom to do it at your own pace and on your own schedule, but there are a few things to consider before you start selecting products. 

1. Where will you get your products?

The first step toward launching your custom skin care line is choosing the right product supplier. Start by compiling a list of things that are important to you, such as which products you’re interested in selling (e.g., skin care, makeup, or both) and whether you prefer products made with natural and organic ingredients, those that are paraben and cruelty free, or even products that are 100% vegan. 

As you research potential private label suppliers, be sure to choose one whose products are FDA approved, both for the safety of your customers and to protect your business. 

Find out what other services the supplier provides, such as label design and packaging, and if there are any fees for those services. Ask about the minimum order quantity (MOQ), which tells you the lowest amount of products/units the supplier is willing to produce at a time, and research the typical turnaround time for new and existing orders.

The best way to do this is by visiting the websites of several different suppliers to compare their products and services. Some, like Onoxa, will offer a low-cost sample kit so you can test out the products to see if they meet your personal standards. If you are the owner of a shop or spa, you can even ask your clients to test different products to help make your final decision.

2. What products and ingredients are trending in the beauty industry?

Obviously, you know a thing or two about the cosmetics and beauty industry or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. Which means you also know that industry trends come and go, and staying on top of what potential customers want is absolutely essential to making sure your beauty business is profitable. 

Here at Onoxa, our skin care and beauty experts work hand in hand with our in-house formulators to create products that are not only of superior quality but that are also in line with recent industry trends and popular ingredients. A few examples include: 

  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3): This essential nutrient is loaded with skin-supporting potential. Known to boost keratin synthesis, add moisture, regulate oil production, and more, don’t be surprised if you start to see it in everything from facial misters to hand and body creams. In our Fresh Tea Face Mist, niacinamide helps brighten skin appearance and even skin complexion.
  • Hyaluronic acid: This natural substance keeps skin looking supple and hydrated, but our bodies produce less of it as we get older. Skin care manufacturers are solving the problem with hydrating creams, serums, and other products to help lock in moisture and promote the appearance of younger-looking skin. Look for it in Onoxa’s Hydrating Face Moisturizer and our Illuminating Universal Primer
  • Vitamin C: Its natural antioxidant properties make vitamin C one of the most popular skin care ingredients. You can find it in our top-selling CC Serum and our Illuminating Universal Primer, where it helps to nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots, uneven tones, blemishes, and fine lines. Vitamin C also supports natural collagen production.
  • Hemp: This ingredient is absolutely everywhere these days, and with good reason. Hemp is chock full of amino acids, vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids to help nourish and revitalize skin. Onoxa offers a full line of private label hemp beauty products

3. What do the ingredients in your products do?

As a beauty entrepreneur, you want to offer products that appeal to your customers, but even more importantly, you want to offer products that really work

The ingredients that go into your skin care line often determine how effective your products will be, which is why it is so important to choose the right ones. Take the time to do your research and learn about different ingredient types (for example, active ingredients such as astringents and exfoliants vs. non-active ingredients such as emollients and emulsifiers) and what they do. 

To help you get a better understanding of the ingredients used in our products, Onoxa has created a helpful Ingredient Glossary to break down each formula. EWG’s Skin Deep®️ database is also a great resource, and you can visit the Onoxa blog for additional information on skin care ingredients. 

4. Which products work best for different skin types?

It goes without saying that not all of your customers will have the same skin type, so it’s in your best interest to offer a variety of products that work well for different skin types—or even just a select group of versatile products that work well for all skin types. 

The five common skin types are normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. So, you can probably guess that a product meant for oily skin is not going to be as effective for someone with dry skin, and vice versa. 

Having an in-depth knowledge of your product ingredients and how they interact with each skin type is essential for providing the right recommendations for your customers so they can choose the right formulas for their daily skin care regimen. 

5. How does each product work?

Finally, it helps to have a working knowledge about different skin care products and product categories. When you know how each formula works—and how different product types work synergistically with others for better results—you’ll be able to recommend the ideal combination for each customer.  

A good example is knowing the difference between serums and moisturizers. Serums are lighter and thinner and made to penetrate deep into the skin, while moisturizers penetrate only the top layer. The primary job of moisturizers is to help lock in moisture for healthier looking skin, and applying a serum first can boost the hydrating benefits for double the positive results. 

Likewise, there are several different ways to use an oil cleanser, including as a morning cleanser or an evening makeup remover, so determining when and how to apply it may differ depending on what your customers are using the product for. 

Questions? Ask the experts at Onoxa.

From in-depth product education to design assistance and sales strategy consultations, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Contact Onoxa via phone, email or online, and be sure to join our Beauty Insiders Facebook group to connect with like-minded beauty entrepreneurs and share your questions, experiences, and customer success stories. 

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Your Label Design: Why It Pays to Be Creative

You put a lot of thought and planning into launching your private label skin care line. Why let the ball drop when it comes to designing your product labels? A little creativity makes a big difference when it comes to sales.

According to a recent study, 72% of Americans—nearly three quarters of all shoppers—say packaging design influences their product purchasing decision. Not only that, but the average consumer makes a decision to buy in as little as a third of a second, and they typically make judgments about the actual product just by looking at the label. 

The bottom line? Product label design matters. 

Which means if your label isn’t wowing your potential customers right off the bat, you could be missing out on key sales. 

Your product label is your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression with your potential customers.

If done correctly, a good label design will help your product stand out from others and entice people to buy, so the first step is to do your research. 

What type of customer are you trying to reach? What are their needs and goals? And how can your product help them achieve their beauty aspirations?

Next, think about the story behind your business and your brand. What is it that you want to promote? What inspired you to want to help people feel beautiful? And what is the best way to convey that message through design?

Finally, what are your competitors doing? Take a look at similar brands and see what resonates with you when you look at their labels. What feelings do those labels evoke, and how can you use that information in your own label design process? 

Each of these steps is an important part of creating a well-designed label, and a “mood board” is a great way to start. 

Pinterest and similar sites can help you create a collage of design elements you love, from your favorite brand labels to colors, fonts, and imagery that you find appealing. 

While you’re there, check out Onoxa’s Pinterest board for label design inspiration and helpful suggestions from our marketing team. (See something you like? Upload the images to your Order Design Request Form or send us your label inspiration and order number to [email protected] so that our designers can create something unique for you!)

Once you’ve pulled everything together in your design collage, see what stands out. You may be surprised by what captures your eye! And chances are, if it speaks to you, it will speak to your customers. 

From there, start to develop a rough idea in your head of what you want your label design to look like. When you think about your brand identity, is it serious and upscale? Clean and simple? Fun and playful? 

Once you have these answers, try making a quick sketch of what you imagine the perfect label will look like. When you work with Onoxa, our expert designers can take your idea and turn it into exactly what you envisioned. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your label. 

  • Typography and fonts. The fonts you choose, and how those fonts appear on your label, are also very important. Words should be clean and readable, and they should stand out against the background color (e.g., white text on a dark background, dark text on a white background). Avoid using more than two different fonts, as this can make your label look too cluttered and difficult to read.
  • Imagery. For smaller labels such as skin care and cosmetic products, images (including photographs) and icons can be used to save room and display information faster (e.g., an eye to convey that the product is for eyes). Just make sure you have the legal rights to images you use. 
  • Industry regulations. With skin care products especially, you will need to leave room on your label for legally required text such as ingredients, directions for use, cautions, distribution information, and in some cases a bar code. When you work with Onoxa, our designers take care of all the legal text and incorporate it for you automatically.
  • DIY or hire a pro? Designing your own label may feel out of your comfort zone, but consider this: Hiring a graphic designer can be pricey, and it may take several tries to get just what you want. When you work with Onoxa, our expert designers will create a free label design based off the Design Request Form you will fill out immediately after checkout on your order confirmation page

Start with our basic label template, and let your creative juices flow.

Onoxa label templates are merely meant to be a starting point, but really it’s up to you to bring your brand to life and create something that compels and sells. Don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscle and challenge our designers; they love the chance to create something truly unique that will wow your customers. 

Remember, product packaging is a powerful tool, and you want a visually stunning label that stands out. Need a little inspiration from other Onoxa users? Be sure to visit our Onoxa Beauty Insiders Facebook group to see what beauty entrepreneurs like you are doing to help their products stand out. 

Did you know you can rename your products when purchasing from Onoxa? 

That’s right! Like our basic label templates, our product names are only suggestions. And, because Onoxa products are made to have multiple purposes, your product names can easily be tailored to market to your customer base. 

For example, if you sell men’s skin care products, you can change our Hand & Body Restore Cream to “Men’s Aftershave Care” or our Detoxifying Charcoal Mask to “Men’s Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask”. 

You can also name a product after its key ingredients, such as “Rose Serum” for our Pro-Repair Serum, “Lavender Salve” for our Detox Nightwear Cream, or “White Tea Toning Mist” for our Fresh Tea Face Mist

Another idea? Try naming your products after someone special or even the name of your brand. If your skin care line is called Layla’s Skin Solutions, for example, you can use the name “Layla’s Nourishing Hair Serum” instead of our Biotin Boost Hair Serum

We’ve listed a few more examples below.

Enhancing Lip Plumper: Peppermint Plumping Lip Gloss, Bright Botanical Lip Serum
Volumizing Lash & Brow Serum: Amino-Boosting Lash Serum, Vita-E Lash & Brow Booster
Exfoliating Face Scrub: Coconut Face & Body Scrub, Jojoba Cleansing Facial Scrub
Cold Brew Beard Oil: Coffee & Argan Beard Oil, Arabian Brewed Beard Oil
Cucumber Herbal Eye Gel: Cooling Cucumber Face Gel, Herbal Face & Eye Gel
Hand & Body Restore Cream: Green Tea Body Moisturizer, Vitamin A Restorative Creme 

This type of branding will make your products unique, plus it’s fun to come up with new and different names for your products. 

Don’t love your current label design? You can change it up at any time!

With Onoxa, every order and every label can be unique, and it’s free to create a new label design. If you are unhappy with your current labels, you can alter the design at any time, from the color palette to the fonts and imagery. Or, you can have a different color palette for each label design. 

Remember, your products are meant to inspire beauty. Consumers, especially those who buy skin care and cosmetic products, care about appearance. This means they will look for labels that are visually appealing. 

If your labels are not conveying the right message to your potential customers, it could affect their decision to purchase your products, which may ultimately impact your overall sales. Take the time to add your unique artistic vision to your label design, and discover the difference a little creativity can make!

Ready to create the perfect label or enhance your existing products labels? 

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Free Samples: Why They’re Good for Business and How to Do It Right

Why should you offer free samples? Because they’re great for business if you do them correctly!

With much of the world still practicing safe distancing, you probably have a little extra time on your hands. Putting together free samples for your customers is a great way to keep the momentum going for your business and attract new users once things start to get back to normal. 

Why free samples? Because statistics don’t lie.

Consider this article published in The Atlantic, which explains why the famous free samples given out by popular wholesale club Costco are so good for business. Though it focuses primarily on food samples, the idea is applicable across all industries: Free samples lead to higher sales. 

In a nutshell, getting something for free helps consumers learn about—and, in this case, taste—the product, which makes them more likely to buy it now that they know they like it. Not only that, the author points out, but free samples trigger a feeling of obligation, meaning people feel compelled to purchase a product when they are given a sample at no cost. 

Finally, getting something for free helps to build long-term brand loyalty, and consumers are more likely to spread the word to their friends and family that, “Hey, this great company gave me a free sample of , and I love it! You should try it!”

According to Shopify, free samples can boost sales by as much as 2,000%.

Yes, you read that right. The retail marketing experts at Shopify also had a few things to say about the importance of giving customers free samples, citing the Costco article but also adding their own perspective on why retailers should consider using freebies. 

According to their blog, retailers can use free samples to: 

  • Introduce your product to new audiences unfamiliar with your brand.
  • Foster relationships and inspire loyalty with existing customers.
  • Expand shoppers’ knowledge about the products you offer.
  • Encourage repeat customers and more sales of new products.
  • Earn attention for your brand at or leading up to an event.

The Shopify blog also provides some great advice about how not to do free samples, so it’s worth checking out. 

What about smaller beauty retailers selling private label products? 

The same advice still applies. 

To help put things in perspective, we checked in with our Onoxa Insiders Facebook Group to see how they used free samples to attract and incentivize customers. With skin care products especially, being able to try out a sample and feel it on their skin is one of the best ways for potential buyers to experience the quality and efficacy of your products

Some of our Onoxa Insiders offer free samples at in-house events or trade shows they attend. A simple way to do this is by providing single-use portions of the product using disposable makeup spatulas; these are very inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other places. 

Likewise, you can purchase—also in bulk—cosmetic sample containers in 3 or 5 gram sizes to create your own complimentary single-use samples that you can hand out in person or add to online purchases. (Repackaging is fine in this case since you are providing the product sample free of charge.)

Use one of your existing products or order a Sample Kit to make your samples. You can even give out samples of products you don’t offer in your line yet to draw hype or see if there’s interest in that product in your current customer base. 

Just keep in mind that Onoxa products cannot be resold once the seal has been broken. And, because repackaging products may compromise their integrity and affect the results, we recommend letting customers know that all samples should be used within two weeks for the best results. 

Are you giving your samples to the right people? 

Just because free samples are good for business doesn’t mean you should start giving them away to everyone you meet. 

Bottom line: You made an investment when you set aside some of your products to use as free samples, so you want to make sure you get the most out of that investment. This requires doing a little research on your part and targeting the right people.

A good place to start is your regular customers, since people who have purchased your products before are more likely to buy from you again. You can include your samples with their online purchases, tuck them into subscription boxes, or simply hand them out in person. Essentially, freebies are a great loyalty booster that lets your regulars know you appreciate their business. This also encourages customers to try new products they would likely enjoy and increase your sales. 

From there, reach out to people who have shown interest in your products (or skin care and beauty products in general), either from meeting you at an event or via word of mouth from someone who already uses your products. And, if you sell your products in a spa, salon, or other location, you can distribute free samples there to generate more interest. 

Ultimately, you want to make sure your investment isn’t wasted and that those who receive your free samples have a strong potential to become purchasing customers.

How should you give away free samples?

We talked about the where, but what about the how? Our Onoxa Insiders had some great tips for packaging and distributing free samples, but here are a few other things to consider:

  • Try offering free product samples instead of generic giveaways at events and trade shows. They are far more enticing, plus they’re a great way for potential buyers to experience the benefits of your products. 
  • Always include a business card or handmade tag along with your free samples that includes the name of your business, your website, and your contact information so that people can reach out to you after their sample is gone. (On that note, always make sure your printed and online business information is up to date.)
  • Use your freebies as a lead generation tool at events. For example, anyone who adds their email to your mailing list receives a free sample. 

Curious about other ways to grow your skin care business? 

Onoxa’s online blog is filled with ideas to help you launch, market, and grow your skin care business so you can reach your goals. Whether you’re a first-time beauty entrepreneur or a veteran business owner, working with Onoxa makes it easy to build your beauty empire. 

Our proven formulas are beneficial for all skin types, and we offer the industry’s lowest minimum order quantity to help you stay within budget. Plus, there is never any contract or commitment. Contact Onoxa today at 888-688-2991 or email us at [email protected]

Oil Cleansers: Ways to Use It & Why

Onoxa Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser: What’s Inside and 4 (Yes, 4!) Ways to Use It

Nowadays, skin care experts and beauty influencers alike are quick to point out the benefits of oil cleansing for skin that looks visibly cleaner, smoother, and well nourished.

Unlike traditional facial cleansers that can leave skin feeling dried out and tight after use, oil cleansers use beneficial botanical oils to break down and remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil, leaving behind only soft, radiant-looking skin. They also provide an eco-friendly, waste-free alternative to makeup wipes that takes up far less room in your makeup bag or vanity.

What’s inside Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser from Onoxa?

An essential everyday cleanser and so much more, our Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser is formulated with 10 naturally derived plant oils to deeply cleanse and maintain moisture. 

The ingredients include castor seed oil, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, rosehip seed oil, wheat germ oil, and hemp seed oil to help hydrate, smooth, and soften the skin, as well as marula seed oil to help to lock in moisture. The natural astringent properties of orange oil help to minimize pores, and antioxidant-rich avocado oil is added to help keep skin smooth and conditioned. 

Onoxa also offers Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser with hemp, part of our recently launched hemp-infused skin care product line. Each bottle contains 300 mg of hemp-derived isolate and zero THC to support healthy skin. 

The best part? Our Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser formulas wash away easily with no greasy residue to leave skin looking nourished, smooth, and bright. And, in addition to gently removing dirt, impurities, oil, sunscreen, and stubborn makeup, the combination of natural oils helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Did you know Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser is also amazing at multitasking? 

We love products that work in multiple ways to promote beautiful skin, hair, and nails, and we’re pretty sure your customers will, too. Below are four unique ways you can recommend adding Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser to their daily beauty regimen. 

  1. As a morning cleanser, it’s the perfect way to start the day. Simply apply one or two pumps of the oil to dry skin and gently massage it into the skin from chin to forehead. (This creates friction and encourages the pores to open.) After about 30 seconds to a minute, remove the oil with a damp cloth and rinse with warm water.  Follow up with a hydrating serum if you wish!
  1. If your hair is dry or prone to split ends, you can use Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser to help nourish your hair. Like many facial cleansers, a lot of shampoos can strip healthy hair of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and brittle. A drop or two of oil cleanser at the ends can help restore moisture and shine.
  1. You can also use Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser to hydrate your nail beds. A lot of people have dry, cracked nail beds—either from harsh cleansers or polish removers, or simply just because they are prone to dry skin. Applying oil cleanser throughout the day can help. 
  1. Finally, Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser is a lifesaver at the end of the day. Use it as an evening makeup remover to gently wipe away stubborn makeup and impurities with no oily residue. 

Ready to add Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser to your private label skin care lineup? 

These days, more and more consumers are looking for clean, natural beauty products that work with their skin and not against it. Plant-based products like Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser are and will continue to be a popular trend as people work to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals in their personal care regimen. 

If you’re thinking about starting your own custom-branded skin care line or adding to your existing line, Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser makes a great addition and is sure to be a customer favorite. 

Choose your sample kit and get started today, or contact Onoxa for questions and information about any of our premium beauty products

Selling Your Beauty Products Online: Simple Guide

Selling Your Private Label Products Online: A Simple Get-Started Guide for Beauty Entrepreneurs

Launching your own business was a lifelong dream come true. Now that you have established your brand and created your private label product line, what is the best way to sell those products online?

This is an important question, especially for beauty entrepreneurs operating without a brick-and-mortar retail store. We’ve put together some of our top answers, with a little help from our Beauty Insiders Facebook group, to help you get started. 

First, create a website.

While online marketplaces such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon are a great way to sell your products, you should also have your own website. Why? Because you have more control over things like product presentation, pricing and promotions, and adding features such as blogs and email signups to help grow your business.

The idea may seem a little intimidating at first if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, but the good news is that there are a number of easy-to-use eCommerce platforms that can help you market and sell your products successfully. 

Questions about pricing and how to calculate the perfect price point for each product? Check out our blog, Pricing Your Skin Care Products for Profitability.

Display detailed product pages.

When listing products on your site, be sure to include key information that potential buyers are looking for. Start with a short description highlighting the key features and benefits of the product and the outcome your customers can expect (i.e. how it will make them look and feel), as well as directions on how to use the product. 

Next, be sure to include a full ingredient list for each product, as the majority of consumers nowadays value transparency and want to know exactly what is going on their skin. A simple way to do this is to provide an image of the product label. 

Also include any proof badges or icons you may have (e.g., paraben free, cruelty free, vegan) to help establish trust in your brand. 

Finally, if you have collected customer reviews or testimonials, a great place to display them is on your website product pages. Consumers appreciate hearing how other buyers have used the product(s) and their positive experiences. 

Try listing products by category or need.

This is a small but incredibly important step, especially since most customers will not be searching for one of your products by name, but rather by what type of product they are looking for and what their personal care needs may be. 

Simple category filters such as “Creams and Moisturizers,” “Hair Care,” or “Hemp” make it easier for shoppers to navigate your site and quickly find what they’re looking for. 

Use clean, professional photos. 

Nothing turns off buyers like poor-quality product images. Fortunately, these days anyone can take beautiful photographs with just a smartphone and a little creativity—saving you the cost of using a professional photographer or buying expensive equipment. 

Take the time to capture clean, high-quality photos of your products, as well as all labels and packaging. It’s a simple extra step that can go a long way toward improved consumer engagement and interest.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out our 6 Quick Tips for Better Product Photography.

Provide free samples. 

It’s safe to say that everyone loves free samples. Ever thought about offering them online?

Sure, giving away freebies requires a small investment on your part, but the benefits often far outweigh the initial cost. In fact, if done right, offering free samples can actually boost sales in the long run by increasing brand awareness and fostering customer loyalty and repeat business. 

Free samples are especially important in the health and beauty industry so that potential buyers can feel and smell the products on their skin. They’re also a great way to generate buzz about new and upcoming products!

Take advantage of social media.

Nearly 4 billion people use social media worldwide. It’s where they go to stay in touch with friends and family, share photos and videos, read the news, and yes—to research and purchase products. So, it only makes sense that your online business should take full advantage of this valuable resource.

Setting up accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter allows you to connect with consumers and build an online audience. Once you do that, you can publish links to your products to give your business more exposure. 

And don’t forget social media influencers! Because most established health and beauty influencers have a significant following, partnering with them allows you to expand your reach right off the bat and get the word out about your product line faster.

Plus, influencer marketing helps build trust in your brand. When their favorite influencers share information about a new product or one they use and love, people are more likely to try it, as opposed to just coming across a product or a brand they have never used before. 

For more tips, read our blog, How to Grow Your Brand with Influencer Marketing.

Be responsive. 

At the end of the day, profitable businesses are those that provide an exceptional customer experience. 

When creating your online marketplace, make sure your contact information is easy to find and up to date, and be sure to answer all consumer questions promptly. 

Consider offering a product satisfaction guarantee and clearly state your return policy on your site. And, if a customer wishes to return a product, be sure to honor that policy and ask how you can make their experience better next time. 

For consumers, nothing bolsters trust in a company like the feeling that their feedback is valued and taken into account. 

Still thinking about launching your beauty business? Partner with Onoxa to make your dream a reality. 

With virtually no overhead costs and proven product formulas that are beneficial for all skin types, Onoxa can help you launch a profitable online beauty business you can be proud of. 

All you need to do is select your products, design your label, and start selling your custom-branded skin care products. It’s that simple!

Order your sample kit today

Which Products To Choose When Launching Your Beauty Line

Which Products Should You Choose When Launching Your Private Label Health and Beauty Line? 

These are unprecedented times for small business owners, especially those who rely on direct human contact. 

With social distancing mandates keeping customers at home and forcing businesses to shorten their hours or even close their doors altogether, many spa and salon owners and other small businesses are looking for ways to stay profitable even as they see fewer clients.

Launching your private label skin care line and selling products in your online store (or via social media) is a smart way to keep your business in the black until things get back to normal. 

Custom-branded products can easily become a new revenue stream for health and beauty retailers, and Onoxa makes it simple to choose your products and get up and running quickly. In fact, we can help you launch your product line in just a few clicks!

Here’s how it works. 

How do I know which products to choose? 

First, consider your business and your customers—both your existing clients and those you hope to attract in the future. 

If you are a spa owner, for example, which products do your customers tend to use or ask about the most? Are there branded products you can offer that would better meet their needs or help you take advantage of current trends

At Onoxa, our top-selling spa products include our CC Serum with Vitamin C and Citrus Stem Cells, our Detoxifying Charcoal Mask, and our Detox Nightwear Cream. For hair salon owners, products like our Biotin Boost Hair Serum, Volumizing Lash & Brow Serum, and Cold Brew Beard Oil for men tend to sell really well. 

Retailers can also choose one of Onoxa’s 4-, 8-, or 17-product sample kits, which come with free label design, exclusive access to product launches and promotions, and ongoing marketing education and expertise. Simply choose your kit and sample which products you think would be best for your brand. 

You don’t have to start big.

When launching your branded personal care line, a great way to get started is to pick three or four products you can really get behind and go from there. Always consider products that are popular with your customer base, or those you think will appeal to clients if you were to offer them. 

Another good idea is to research what’s currently trending among beauty-conscious consumers. For example, the CBD industry is incredibly profitable right now, and experts expect the trend to continue well into the next decade. As a result, hemp-infused skin care products are quickly gaining in popularity for their role in supporting a healthy complexion. 

You can learn more here about launching your skin care line.

Consider multifunctional products.

People nowadays are busier than ever, so the fewer products they need, the better. Oftentimes, a good daily beauty regimen can be as simple as a quality facial cleanser, a detox mask to help remove impurities, a nourishing daily moisturizer, and a restorative nightwear cream. 

Even more appealing are products that can be used in several different ways, like Onoxa’s Hand and Body Restore Cream. With soothing and moisturizing ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin B3, green tea, argan oil, and chamomile, it can also double as the perfect aftershave. 

Our Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser also excels at multitasking. In addition to being an essential morning cleanser, it does an amazing job of removing makeup in the evening and also works well to hydrate dry hair ends and nail beds. 

Choose products you believe in.

When you believe in the products you offer, it feels less like selling and more like recommending something you know really works. This is even more effective when you use your custom products “in the chair,” so to speak, so that customers can actually see and feel the results. 

Choose high-quality products with premium ingredients that speak to your commitment to your customers’ well-being. Examples include vegan and cruelty-free formulas; products that are free of parabens, sulfates, and other harsh ingredients; and eco-friendly packaging materials such as glass bottles. 

Another idea for spa and salon owners who are considering launching a custom skin care line is to provide samples to a few loyal clients to take home and try. Doing so lets you hear feedback directly from your patrons, which is incredibly valuable for business owners and helps build trust in your brand. 

One final thought: Low MOQ matters. 

Huge minimum order quantities (MOQs) may be feasible for larger health and beauty chains, but they often don’t make sense for smaller, independent salons and spas who want to test the waters of custom-branded skin care. 

When looking to launch your private label beauty line, choose a platform that offers an MOQ more in line with your small business budget. 

With the industry’s lowest MOQ for USA-manufactured products, Onoxa allows smaller retailers to brand as few as six products. Restocking is quick and efficient, and it’s easy to add new products to your line at any time. 

Partner with a name you can trust. 

As the first-ever online platform designed to create private label beauty products for skin, hair, and nails, Onoxa understands your commitment to helping your clients look and feel their best—even when they can’t make it in for an appointment.

Our goal is to build a place where launching your skin care brand is as easy, efficient, and affordable as it is limitless. Start today with a custom sample kit, or contact us online to get started. 

Still have questions? Connect with other Onoxa clients on Facebook.

Our Beauty Insiders group is a place for beauty entrepreneurs and experts to connect with one another and discuss skin care and design tips, marketing advice, Onoxa products, and more. 

If you still have questions about which products to choose when launching your private label personal care line, you can join the discussion, post comments, and get valuable tips and advice for building a successful brand. 

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The New Normal: How Small Businesses Are Adapting to the Impact of Social Distancing

(Plus Tips for Health & Beauty Retailers)

Across the country, businesses of all sizes are taking important steps to keep their customers safe amid the recent coronavirus outbreak. 

While many larger retailers are adapting more easily to the impact of social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates, smaller businesses are finding it more difficult to stay lucrative. In particular, merchants who rely on in-person business are finding creative ways to stay connected with customers and still make a profit.

Movie theaters, for example, are offering early digital releases so that moviegoers can watch new films on demand even though cinemas across the country remain closed. Bars, restaurants, and even breweries are offering curbside pick-up so that patrons can still get their favorite foods and beverages. Gyms and yoga studios are offering virtual classes so that members can continue to stay healthy and active at home. 

But what about spas, salons, and other health and beauty service providers who rely on customers coming inside? 

Because of the nature of their work, these businesses already maintain strict hygiene protocols. However, those who remain open are following new regulations put into place for COVID-19 safety and stepping up their sanitation efforts. They are also using their space more creatively to limit contact between clients. 

Still, with many people choosing to cancel their regular appointments and stay at home, it is important to find ways to expand your profit margin during this unexpected down time. 

Here are 3 ways health and beauty retailers can stay profitable during social distancing.

1 – Maintain communication with your customers

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay in constant contact with your customers. First, make sure they know whether or not you are open for business. Then, explain what steps you and your staff are taking to safeguard their health and how they can continue to support you even if they are not coming in. Finally, ensure them that you will keep them informed of any changes or updates as COVID-19 prevention efforts progress.

2 – Considering expanding your eCommerce offerings

Online sales are seeing an increase with more people shopping from home. For spa, salon, and boutique owners, focusing more on eCommerce provides a unique opportunity to stay profitable even while client appointments have been put on hold. Take this time to expand your online store—or create one if you haven’t had the time before now—to ensure your clients continue to get the products they rely on daily.

3 – Sell products on social media (including gift cards)

People are spending A LOT of time on social media right now, and smart retailers are engaging with them there. Social media is an excellent way to stay connected with your customers and keep your business at the top of their mind—especially if you’re selling products there, too. Instagram shoppable posts, for example, are a great way to feature new products, top sellers, and even gift cards that clients can use once you’re back to business as usual. 

Another great idea? Consider adding hand sanitizer to your product line. 

Toilet paper may not be in your wheelhouse, but hand sanitizer certainly is. If you’re currently selling products online or curbside, keep in mind that hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed—which means adding them to your product line is a sure way to bring in additional revenue. Because they are sold out in a lot of bigger stores right now, customers will be looking to smaller, local businesses to find what they need. 

Increase sales and keep customers safe with selling hand sanitizers.

If you are a health and beauty retailer looking to stay profitable while continuing to meet the needs of your customers during COVID-19, Onoxa recently added new hand sanitizer products for our clients to sell.

Available in an easy-squeeze tube or a convenient, take-anywhere pump, our safe and natural hand sanitizing gel kills 99.9% of germs in as little as 15 seconds and contains soothing aloe vera to promote healthy and hydrated skin. 

Key benefits:

  • Instant hand sanitation
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Easy to dispense
  • Ethyl alcohol 62%
  • Soothing aloe vera

Recommended for repeated use, Onoxa’s powerful yet gentle hand sanitizers are perfect for taking on the go and a helpful alternative to regular hand washing when soap and water aren’t readily available. (Note: Our hand sanitizer is sold as our Evora Labs brand and is not available as a private label product.) 

Looking for more ways to stay lucrative with business on hold? Start your private label skin care line with Onoxa. 

For businesses impacted by COVID-19 and social distancing, creating your own custom-branded beauty products is a fast and inexpensive way to expand your profit margin. 

With Onoxa, you have the ability to get up and running quickly and begin selling your products with a very low startup cost. Plus, selling your own products gives you more control, especially over pricing

Read more here about the benefits of selling private label skin care products, or contact Onoxa today to get started. 

Advertising Your Hemp Skin Care Line: What Should Retailers Know

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is among the most profitable product categories in the United States. Because the trend is expected to continue, retailers thinking about adding a CBD skin care line are making a smart move for their business. 

In our last article about CBD beauty products, we focused mainly on what cannabidiol is, how it supports healthy skin, and what retailers should know about selling CBD items in store or online.

But what about when it comes to advertising your new CBD skin care line? What do major paid ad platforms have to say about marketing your CBD-infused products? And are there ways to market your CBD products successfully, despite restrictions?

The short answer is yes. 

Facebook Ads.

It seems the times are changing, and major players like Facebook are starting to see the writing on the wall. This is great news for CBD retailers. 

Fueled by high consumer demand, the CBD industry is experiencing fast and furious growth. As a result, it looks like both Google and Facebook/Instagram are starting to relax their (once strictly prohibitive) advertising policies with regard to cannabidiol. 

According to a recent Digiday article, Facebook Ads users are now allowed to run ads for “topical hemp.” And, though the ads are prohibited from featuring “ingestible hemp” or “topical CBD,” they can link to landing pages that feature those products. (Note that any ads or landing pages for “ingestible CBD” are still prohibited.)

This applies to your ad imagery and your product image text as well; if you are using Facebook Ads, including retargeting ads, it’s wise to remove any mention of “CBD” and replace it with “hemp.”

Search Engine Optimization

Are there other ways to market CBD products online? Yes, and search engine optimization (SEO) is a big one.

Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, SEO involves optimizing your website content to boost organic search results. This is done by improving the overall content quality and by using top-performing keywords and key phrases to ensure your content gets the most views. 

If you don’t feel comfortable going it alone, you can always hire an SEO expert to help. The cost should pay off in the long run when your site ranks higher and more potential customers are able to view (and purchase) your products. 

You can read more about the benefits of SEO for CBD advertising here

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to generate interest in your products and ultimately drive sales. 

An affiliate, in this case, is an individual or a company that helps to get the word out about the products you sell and how they can benefit potential buyers. Then, when a product is sold as the result of affiliate marketing, the affiliate gets a small portion of the sale. 

Because affiliates typically have a very specific customer base (for example, people interested in high-quality CBD products) their promotions generally result in sales. 

Check out this list of the Best CBD Affiliate Programs to Join in 2020

Influencer Marketing

Who knew social media influencers would come to play such a critical role in product advertising? Smart retailers, that’s who.

Considering that 3.8 billion people worldwide use social media, more and more CBD retailers are starting to use influencer marketing to their advantage. 

First, you’re expanding your reach, since most established influencers have a significant following. Second, you’re able to sidestep many CBD advertising restrictions still in place on paid ad platforms. And third, influencer marketing helps to build trust in your brand. 

For more information, check out our blog, How to Grow Your Brand with Influencer Marketing.

New to the CBD trend? Launch your branded hemp skin care line with Onoxa.

If you are a spa, salon, or boutique owner interested in expanding your branded skin care line to include hemp products, consider partnering with Onoxa. 

As the first-ever online platform for private-label skin care and beauty products, we understand the importance of staying on top of industry trends like cannabidiol. In fact, we recently introduced four new hemp-infused skin care formulas, each made with 300 mg of hemp isolate and zero THC, to our lineup of high-end beauty products:

Onoxa’s Farm to Label compliance program ensures all of our U.S. farms comply with state and federal guidelines for growing and extracting hemp-derived isolate. In addition, all products are third-party tested to ensure purity, potency, and safety, and each includes a CoA to demonstrate quality and efficacy.

Call Onoxa today at 888.688.2991 or email us at [email protected]

Onoxa is excited to partner with North American Bancard (NAB) to make it easy for our clients to sell their CBD skin care products. 

In business for nearly two decades and the nation’s sixth-largest independent acquirer, NAB is its own underwriter and does not consider CBD topicals high risk. 

Why is this important?

When CBD is considered high risk in the merchant processing world, you may end up paying over 5% on sales transactions (as opposed to the normal 2-3%), which could significantly eat into your business margins. 

Partnering with NAB allows Onoxa to simplify payment processing for our clients. If you choose to partner with them also, you can rest assured your business will not be flagged or shut down for selling CBD. 

And, because NAB integrates with as the payment gateway, changing payment processors is a simple and seamless experience. (To start your application, call Neil Shaw at 248.497.1342.)

While Social Distancing, Grow Your Online Business with 5 Facebook Ad Types

Now that the COVID-19 is spreading among communities in the United States and other countries, “social distancing” is purposely increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. This means staying at home from work, events, seeing friends, etc.

With the social distancing in place, utilize your spare time to beef up your online advertising. Facebook is an effective platform to promote your business, and that is now easier with the availability of different types of ads. The billions of users on Facebook provide an opportunity for enterprises of all kinds to market to a diverse audience. Whether you are starting a home-based skin care business, selling crafts, or running a fortune 500 company, the targeting options on Facebook are hard to pass up. The different types of Facebook ads make it possible for marketers to model campaigns that align with their brands. Marketers should know which ads are suitable for their campaign objectives. Below is a breakdown of a few of the basic Facebook ad types.

Lead Generations Ads

These Facebook ads are designed to help a skin care business collect information on consumers. Originally, lead ads were available for mobile only, but now marketers can access the desktop placements. What happens is that when a user clicks on a lead ad, it redirects to a form, which they must fill out. Facebook is making the process less complicated by populating some of the fields. Lead generation ads are suitable for building email lists, which are essential for retargeting. This can help skin care entrepreneurs promote their brand through multi-channels.

Offer Ads

When a customer is stuck between consideration and purchase, an offer ad can provide the needed push in the right direction. Facebook ads allow you to customize promotions, deals, and other incentives to suit specific audiences. Besides getting undecided customers to spend their money, offer ads are effective in attracting new customers. You can create offer ads to showcase the newest arrivals. Facebook lets you set a date for the offer ads, enable online and/or in-store redemption, and decide whether to have group or individual promo codes for your offer ads. These types of ads are a great way to take your skin care business to the next level.

Right Sidebar Ads

For a small skin care business with limited ad spend, right sidebar Facebook ads are affordable ways to promote your brand. These are small adverts placed on the right sidebar of a Facebook page. You get primary geographic and demographic targeting options to ensure your ads are broadcast to the appropriate audiences. Marketers can also narrow down the targeting based on interests. The main goal of these Facebook ads is to boost your page’s “like” count. You can pad up right sidebar ads with quality content and promotions.

Video Ads

Facebook videos have become invaluable to businesses. Any good marketing campaign should include a strategy for video because nothing passes a message better than visuals. Plain text can get monotonous, but video allows you to do a lot more. An enterprise can use video ads for several marketing goals from converting leads to creating repeat customers with thank you clips. Skin care businesses can demonstrate the effectiveness of their products through video and promote this to their audience base.

Event Ads

One way to drum up interest for an upcoming event is to advertise using Facebook ads. Skin care businesses already have the Facebook event feature, which makes it easier to generate attendance. Event ads are easy to create when you already understand how the event feature works. When holding a trade show, exhibition, or product launch party, these Facebook ads are the perfect way to have your loyal customers be part of the experience.

Facebook users are some of the most engaged on the web, which makes them the ideal people to market to. With a variety of Facebook ads and high-quality skincare products from Onoxa, you can find a format that suits your marketing bottom-line.

Looking to stock up on sanitizers during this time? Onoxa is taking customers and families’ health very seriously and is temporarily offering wholesake sanitizing options. Order as low as 6 units of any Hand Sanitizers here. Checkout the unique option of CBD Hand Sanitizer for a limited time here.

ONOXA Launches CBD Skin Care Line

ONOXA Launches CBD Skin Care Line to Nourish and Recharge Healthy Skin

Four new products deliver the skin-supportive benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) that has been grown on farms in the United States and third-party tested for purity, safety, and potency.

ST. PETERSBURG, FLONOXA, the first-ever online platform for custom-branded beauty products, recently added four new CBD-infused skin care formulas to their lineup of high-end, private-label beauty products.

For spa, salon, and boutique owners interested in adding a CBD skin care line to meeting the growing demand of consumers, ONOXA offers the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) in the industry for CBD skin care products.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant shown to support healthy skin. Onoxa will offer a CBD Sample Kit that features their new full-sized CBD products, each made with 300 mg of CBD isolate each and zero THC.

  • Hydrating Face Moisturizer with CBD: Daily moisturizer for intense skin hydration
  • Detox Nightwear Cream with CBD: Powerful lavender cream to restore a youthful glow
  • Detoxifying Charcoal Mask with CBD: Triple-action, nourishing clay mask to gently cleanse the skin
  • Perfect 10 Oil Cleanser with CBD: All-natural, balancing oil blend that melts away impurities

ONOXA’s Farm to Label CBD compliance program ensures all of its U.S. farms comply with state and federal guidelines for growing and extracting hemp-derived CBD. All products are third-party tested to ensure purity, potency, and safety, and each includes a Certificate of Analysis to demonstrate quality and efficacy. Download our COAs here.


St. Petersburg, Florida-based ONOXA is the first-ever online platform to create custom-branded personal care products for spa, salon, and boutique owners. Onoxa leverages science, expertise, and nature to deliver the most potent formulations in the skin care and beauty industry. Comprised of the highest-quality ingredients sourced from around the world, their clinical-grade formulas are as effective as they are safe. Onoxa also provides free label design services and ongoing sales and marketing support. Download the product catalog or visit the products page to learn more.

For more information, contact:

Onoxa Marketing Team

[email protected]

(888) 688-2991