Aug 08, 2018

20 Marketing Tips for Startups

New business owners are in a very competitive game these days with so many “micro” entrepreneurs. In fact, according to Onoxa, marketing savvy is the key to success for anyone who owns their own company, big or small.

Nearly every guru, author, and expert on the topic of startups have a common theme when it comes to marketing startups: focusing on the customer. Here are 20 tips to help you successfully market your startup business.

The 20 Key Ways to Operate a Successful Startup

1. Keep Accurate Records

For local and state regulations and tax authorities, accurate records are a must. Don’t neglect this boring, but vital step to entrepreneurial success.

2. Follow All Local Laws

Do careful research or hire an attorney to make sure you have all the bases covered with respect to local ordinances and related laws.

3. Have a Good Mentor

Have at least one person you can go to for advice. This can be a friend, relative, or even a former supervisor who supports your efforts.

4. Schedule Regular Meetings

Hold meetings with key employees or investors at least once a week. Tiny startups often have meetings every couple of days to make sure everything is going as expected.

5. Draft a Mission Statement

No business should exist without this crucial, simple statement of major, overall goals.

6. Do Regular Feedback Reviews

Contact customers at random and ask how their experience was. Note any negative or positive comments and address them accordingly.

7. Give Away Free Samples of Products or Service

As often as possible, offer a few freebies to potential customers to “buy” new business.

8. Use Focus Groups

Invite potential and current customers to attend short Q and A sessions to get valuable feedback.

9. Stay On Top of Media and Business Trends

Do your research about what’s new, trending and working in the business niche you occupy.

10. Use Online Social Interaction Wisely

Don’t overdo social media, but have at least one or two outlets to inform the public of your existence, special offers, etc.

11. Aim for Your Target Market

Know who your key demographic members are and aim your marketing efforts directed at them.

12. Give Consumers What They Want, Not What You Want

Don’t force services or products to the public. Give them what they ask for and not what you think they need.

13. Know Your Competitors

Keep a list of your main competitors and stay informed about their activities.

14. Interact With the Local Community

Hold events and get your name “out there.”

15. Use Online Content Marketing

Write articles about your niche and share on social media to gain readership and engagement.

16. Have Business Cards, a Website and a Phone Number

Having the right marketing collateral will help bring your business to the next level. Business cards, a website, and a phone number where customers can readily reach you are of the utmost importance.

17. Do Charity Work in the Company’s Name

Support your local and global community by giving back. This is good business and good karma.

18. Obtain Competent Legal and Accounting Advice

This need not cost a fortune, as many professionals offer special discounts for newer, smallish businesses.

19. Launch as Soon as Possible

Do thorough research but do not continually delay your launch for micro issues. Get your product out there and in customers’ hands as soon as possible

20. Make Weekly Goals and check how well you do each Monday

Setting weekly goals will help you feel accomplished each week. It will remind you why you are putting in all this hard work day in and day out.

How Onoxa Helps

It’s a known fact, according to Onoxa’s team of experts, that the majority of startup businesses have serious problems early on. The good news is that by staying customer-focused, maintaining self-discipline, and a strong work ethic, just about any skin care entrepreneur can launch a profitable, well-run, successful startup entity. Onoxa is helping anyone attempting to start a new company with as much worthwhile information as possible. Follow Onoxa on Facebook and Twitter for more marketing tips.