Aug 23, 2018

10 Foolproof Tips For Customer Retention

The ability for a business to attract and retain customers is key to making significant progress with regards to profitability and expansion. This is why any business person must learn about some of the critical strategies to retain customers. Here are top 10 foolproof tips shared by Onoxa.

1. Communicate with customers

Customers that come to you for services or products are human beings with feelings which is why your business needs to have a human touch. By communicating with your clients on a frequent basis you are able to connect on a personal level and this is key to retaining the majority of them. Communications can be carried out through various platforms including social media pages, comment sections of websites, telephone, live chats, and email.

2. Use content marketing

Human beings are likely to buy products that they have heard of rather than those that are presented to them for the first time. If for example you are looking for a skin care product you are likely to opt for the one you heard about from a friend or read about on your social media page. This information should form a basis on which any business builds content marketing strategies. The Internet offers endless options for you to carry out marketing campaigns.

3. Make use of the phone

Most businesses today tend to shun the use of telephone calls as a way of communicating with customers. However, this can be an effective strategy because it allows you to interact on a personal level with your clients. You get to know what they really want and come up with solutions that are likely to resonate with them.

4. Reward loyalty

By providing special perks to customers that have been purchasing products from you consistently you are able to give them another reason to remain loyal. Create levels of customer reward clubs from important to very important people. Having a special offer for people that have made purchases over six months can be a good way to promote products and encourage more people to be loyal.

5. Go the extra mile

Show appreciation to your customers by going an extra mile. This can be done in a number of ways depending on what is convenient for you at the time. Following your clients on Twitter, writing them a letter of appreciation, throwing a party for them at the end of the year are all ways that can win loyalty.

6. Target marketing can be helpful

By gathering some data on your clients you are able to create personalized messages that can win them over. When sending a marketing message include the client’s real name and a few details about them. This will let them know that you actually did your homework and want them to be a part of your team.

7. Improve customer experience

The experience a customer has while using your services or products can be key to winning their loyalty. Build your site to load as fast as possible and make navigation easy. Respond to any inquiries fast and expedite any complaints that may be registered. Do your best to deliver products on time and in the best condition. Onoxa helps their customers by creating an efficient process with quick turnaround times. Find out here how you can get custom branded products at your doorstep in just days.

8. Share customer testimonials

People that have never interacted with you may find it hard taking your word. However, by sharing testimonials that other clients have written you are able to prove to the whole world that what you are saying is actually true and has been experienced by other people.

9. Create meetups

It is one thing to interact with customers on the telephone or email and a completely different thing to meet face-to-face. By creating events in which you can meet personally you will be able to build trust and win more clients.

10. Offer incentives

Offer incentives such as cash discounts, free samples and bonuses for those who use your products and services.