Mar 07, 2019

6 Unique Ways to Market Your Skin Care Business

Demand from consumers for natural skin care products has soared, with the sector constantly expanding in many countries. There are particular products aimed at different skin types, age groups, budgets and lifestyles, therefore the consumer base is continually expanding. Here are six skin care marketing tips that will encourage people to sample and regularly purchase the products you sell.

Carry out Customer Surveys

Customers can offer helpful input concerning anything from your product quality, to the promotion, and pricing. Surveys allow you to find out what people appreciate about your range of products, and where they think there is room for improvement. Ask where they purchase skin care products, how frequently they use them, and whether they have experienced any differences to their skin after applying your products.

Use Social Media

Setting up accounts on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, etc. will allow you to connect with the masses. You will need to write content relating to your business. After you attract an audience on these platforms, you can publish links to your products that will give your business far more exposure. Social media users often share this type of content with their friends, which allows you to spread the word about your product line faster.

Embrace the Power of Video

Produce a brief video tutorial of a procedure or product, using a digital device like your smartphone. Set up a free account on YouTube and publish a new video every week. In addition, you can play the video footage instore on a tablet or laptop. Watching a procedure on screen is an effective sales technique.

Give Customers Product Samples

Although competitive prices and quality ingredients might be sufficient to appeal to some customers, others prefer to sample products prior to purchasing them. Allow customers to try your skin care range, before parting with their money. Even huge companies like Burt’s Bees, which has numerous lines of beauty products, and Sephora, which sells a broad variety of brands, use product samples to advertise their skin care ranges. Sampling gives customers more confidence in your brand.

Cash Stamps

One unconventional approach is to use guerilla marketing tactics, like placing stickers or flyers with your website in random places with little information outside of your web address on them. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site as inquiring minds what to know what your website contains and what you are about.

Obtain Testimonials

Request testimonials from customers who like your line of skin care products. Use these on your website, brochures, email campaigns, and share these testimonials on your social media account. Prospective customers are interested to hear the results that others have had with your products. Testimonials give your brand credibility and enable you to use existing customers to promote your business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is a highly-personalized pursuit, similar to caring for your skin. You do not need to use all of these ideas, however spend some time thinking about your company and try the ideas that are most suitable. Ensure that your audience knows your products and why you believe in them, and the profits will take care of themselves.

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