Dec 17, 2018

5 Easy Ways Beauty Pros Can Elevate the Client Experience

Once you’ve taken your business off the ground floor, you’ll need to focus your efforts on customer retention. While it’s a task easier said than done, the easiest way to do that is to ensure each customer’s experience is good enough to keep them coming back — and good enough for them to recommend you to others.

Here’s how beauty pros can take a client’s experience from expected to extraordinary:

Offer personalized retail recommendations

People come to you and your business because they trust your expertise. You can repay their loyalty by listening to their individual wants and needs. If you’re an esthetician, for example, you should know which private label skin care products work well among your clients. Get to know their specific needs and teach them why a customized skin care routine is so important. They’ll appreciate you taking the time to learn about them and will likely recommend you to their friends and family.

Reward customer loyalty

Returning customers should be thanked and rewarded in a way that shows them your appreciation. Showing your gratitude while keeping your business afloat might seem tricky, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank. Some business owners offer loyalty programs for clients that let them earn discounted or complimentary services. Others offer cheaper solutions, like priority in scheduling or optimal parking spots. How you choose to reward your returning customers will vary depending on affordability, but it’s important for customers to feel both respected and appreciated.

Make it easy to provide feedback

Customer feedback is crucial to any business’ overall success. Depending on your clientele, you can offer physical feedback cards at your salon’s front desk, send email surveys or conduct them in-person. No matter how small a criticism might seem, take it into consideration — there’s a chance other clients are thinking the same thing. After receiving the feedback, make sure to communicate any complaints with your staff because this will benefit the clients’ overall experience.

Create a soothing environment

When it comes to beauty treatments, consumers crave comfort. Strive for soothing tones, quiet music and friendly service in your own salon. Small touches, like subtle candles and complimentary tea can also make a huge difference in your customers’ overall experience. If you sell your own product, consider using lighter hues and patterns in your labels to match your salon space.

Ensure booking is simple and reliable

Whether you’re booking a new client or a satisfied customer, the process should be quick, easy and accurate. First, make sure you’re rebooking customers on their way out of each appointment. Work with them to find the best time and promise to follow up as the appointment gets closer. Second, ensure new clients can book an appointment online, over the phone, or in-person. Again, promise to follow up closer to the date of the appointment. Avoid overbooking or running late — one long waiting period or scheduling glitch can send customers to your competition.