Aug 08, 2018

How To Get Your Private Label Product On Shelves

Private label products within the beauty industry means a manufacturer creates items sold under the brand of another business owner. This enables beauty entrepreneurs like estheticians, salon owners, and online sellers to build a beauty brand without having to invest in the formulation, testing, and production of the merchandise. If you are ready to launch your own beauty brand, follow the steps below.

Conduct Research on Suppliers of Private Label Products

The first step is picking out products to include in your beauty line. This will reinforce what’s needed from potential suppliers. Create a must-have list that includes specificity, like whether you prefer only organic products or natural ingredients. Decide whether you want to launch a line of skincare products, makeup, and or both. Include what’s important to you on your list.

Here are some additional things to consider as you research private label suppliers.

  • Are the products FDA approved?
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
  • Does the supplier print labels and packaging on your behalf?
  • Are there additional fees for labeling and packaging, and if so, what are they?
  • What is the turnaround time for new and existing orders?

Visit the websites of a few suppliers and you’ll see that most cover the full gamut of private label products. These range from full skincare lines to customizable makeup programs. The large assortments they offer will allow you to mix and match a unique line of products.

Request Samples and Conduct a Product Review

Most suppliers offer single samples or low-cost sample kits for you to buy and test the products. Many companies offer them at industry trade shows so that you can try several at a time.

However the samples are acquired, the next step is to review each of them to see if it satisfies your expectations and is befitting your brand. Your opinion matters most, but getting input from others is also a good idea. If you are the owner of a shop or spa, get clients to assist you in testing out different products to help make your final decision.

Determine How to Sell Your Products

You need to determine how your beauty line will be marketed and sold. You can place your products in your brick and mortar shop or opt to build an ecommerce site to sell your products online, and or a combination of the two.

Design Phase

Some suppliers handle the packaging and labeling process for you for a fee. Their design team ensures the accuracy of the information needed on your label for compliance and industry regulations. Alternately, you can hire a designer who can customize a label for you – once again, for a fee. Either way, you will probably go through various rounds of proofing before you settle on a design that fits your unique needs.

Order Your Products

After you choose the supplier and products you want to sell, you’re ready to place an order!


Building connections with relevant businesses like local plastic surgeons, dermatology offices and salon owners can be highly beneficial to help you gain more shelf space for your private-labeled products. Start by supplying your prospective retailers with samples and continually build up relationships. Offer incentives for business owners to sell your products, like giving away free products if they sell a certain amount.

Private label products in the beauty industry provide a low-cost method of building your own brand. The variety and low entry costs are so remarkable that even healthy living brands, active lifestyle businesses, and fashion boutiques are growing into this ‘in-demand’ marketplace.