Aug 08, 2018

How to Create Your Own Subscription Box

Subscription boxes provide an unwavering financial model entrenched in recurring monthly revenue. You can create a subscription box around virtually any niche. If an existing community is around a category or product online, there is a big chance you can build a subscription box around it. For example, you can create your own custom-branded Onoxa products in the box.

Steps Included in Creating a Subscription Box

Coming Up with a Brilliant Idea

For subscription boxes, specificity distinguishes between good ideas and great ones. Therefore, it is important to explore who your audience is and what to include in your box. Think about what makes them unique to others and how these traits define the value embodied by your box.

Finding your niche will make it easier to tailor and curate products for a precise audience. This will allow you to create a remarkable customer experience and maximize retention. Furthermore, marketing becomes easier when you know to whom you are selling.

Studying Potential Customers

The goal of research is to paint an accurate picture of your customer through competitive evaluation, data, and polling. Once you examine your customers, develop a specific customer profile. List detailed data like their interests, sensitivities, median income, buying habits, and motivations to buy.

Putting a Prototype Box Together

This is essentially the initial model of your product. It’s at this phase you will start doing the groundwork for customer experience. This is also when the design process begins. Considerations involved in prototyping include:

• Product safety
• Affordable pricing
• Size of the box and the shipping implications
• Design and aesthetic
• Number of items that will be included monthly
• How to integrate an experience into the product?


Creating an early buzz is the easiest way to attract brand evangelists and customers. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your social media channels, start interacting with users, and ensure you have a launch page or other captivating destination to send your traffic.

One of the main purposes of a launch page is to request the email address of visitors so they can be notified about the launch. Encourage users to provide their emails by offering a free subscription box to one lucky winner. This will assist in keeping interest in your product.

Presale Campaign

As soon as the launch list is ready, it is time to start pushing individuals to subscribe. It’s at this stage your store is live and payments accepted. Start by scheduling convincing emails targeting your leads list. This should get them excited and have them counting down to the launch date.

On your social media pages, think about doing a countdown that includes prizes and giveaways for sharing notifications of your launch. This provides last-minute traction before the launch date. Making sure your first shipping date is clear is essential during this first step.

Shipping Your Subscription Boxes

During the presale period you acquire products, complete the design of your box, and organizing inserts. Now it’s time to tie everything together. The revenue you collect from pre-subscribers will help fund everything you need.

At this point, you may have established an outsourced fulfillment partner. Customers should be notified of the ship date and you should ensure tracking emails are prepared. You should also try sneak peeks and other last minute promotions to encourage additional subscribers.


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