Aug 29, 2018

Three Ways Good Photography Can Help Sell Your Products

In the ever-growing digital world of marketing and advertising, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. When it comes to selling your skin care products, knowing how to stage and photograph your product can be as vital to selling as the product itself. A good photographer knows how to stage an item to highlight its attributes, to show potential buyers what that product can bring into their lives. The demand for good product photography is on the rise as the digital marketplace continually grows, demanding a deluge of eye-catching media posts and photographs. Skincare products are no exception. Visit Onoxa’s high-end skin care website and you will see this firsthand.

How Product Photography Tells a Story

The first way good photography helps sell your product is by choosing a story to tell. In this way, every detail in a frame has a purpose. From tone to lighting, to color and the items themselves, everything is chosen to communicate with the potential buyer. The opening image on the Renée Rouleau skincare website tells its own story of product versatility and variety. The image focuses on not a single product, but a host of them, so that visitors to the web site get the first impression of the availability of skincare products for every skincare issue. The absence of anything else in the image makes the focus on the products themselves. They are telling and selling at the same time, through the execution of good product photography.

How Good Product Photography Uses Color

Understanding color theory is at the heart of product photography. Few things can affect the creation of a mood more effectively than color choices and presentation. Color also becomes an integral aspect of branding as different qualities of a product connect to different emotions. A click on the Renée Rouleau products shows products and images photographed in neutral tones that look clean and pure. These tones are perfect for selling skincare products as it communicates the emotions of a relaxing spa experience and the expectation of pure and clean skin.

How Lighting Sells Products

Lighting is crucial in photography, not only for the image quality, but also for the accurate representation of the products themselves. As most product photography is shot in a studio, lighting is customized by the photographer to highlight the angles, appearance, and uses of the product. If a product is designed for night-time use, dimmer lighting would be chosen to communicate that product quality and application. If a product is designed to be used upon waking, the light will be soft, bright and warm, like a morning’s first sun rays. For example, skincare products that are shot in bright clean light give the site a clinical and spa-like feel, giving potential buyers the message that they are purchasing a scientific-based formula of skincare products.

From staging to product photography, products need help to sell themselves. Good photography is an excellent place to start when it comes to selling your products, especially in the digital marketplace.