Aug 10, 2018

How to Build Your Skin Care Business in 4 Simple Steps

great product is often born from a need that’s not met. This is even true in the skin care and personal care business. You may want to build a brand based on the need for certain products that are not available. Or perhaps you’re a salon owner who wants to sell your own skin care products, but you neither have the capital or knowledge to start your skin care brand from scratch.

This is where Onoxa comes in. This new platform takes all the troubles of figuring out how to start your own private-labeled skin care business. The process is easy and with a quick turnaround time you’ll receive personalized products at your doorstep in just as little as a week! You receive formulas that are safe, effective and hand crafted right in Florida. You have access to the industry’s lowest minimums and have on-hand support every step of the way. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a spa professional who wants to branch out, read on to know how you can start your small business with the help of Onoxa.

Create your brand

The first thing you want to do is create a special brand name or logo to make your product stand out. If you’ve been thinking about making your own personal brand you may have some ideas in mind. Onoxa can help you refine your labels to make them more polished and professional. The in-house design team will assist you in creating a label design that truly reflects your brand.

Select your products

Every product is backed by quality research and development by an in-house team of chemists. The talented research and development team created effective, high-performing products that actually work. You can choose from a selection of moisturizers, masks, serums and primers. From age-fighting face formulas to the best-selling daily staples, the variety of formulas offer something for everyone.

Build an e-commerce website or online store

Facilitating online sales means that you must have a working website with reliable and secure sale features. This is often intimidating for small business owners with limited computer knowledge. Fortunately, there are a number of easy-to-use e-commerce platforms that help you create a website in minutes, which allow you to market your products as soon as they are ready.

Build your brand following

Marketing is more than just creating advertisements for your products. It also involves networking with other entrepreneurs, creating content and posting videos and photos on social media to keep potential customers updated. Be accessible on your Facebook or Instagram pages for questions and comments, regularly come out with interesting content on your blog, and post fresh product photos on Pinterest to draw attention to your brand.

Ensure a good customer experience so people will come back.

Afterall, sales services are equally as important as catchy advertising. Prompt responses to questions and complaints, solid return policies and reasonable warranties can assure customers they are getting their money’s worth with your product and customer service.

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur, a salon or spa owner who wants to market your own skin care products, working with Onoxa can make the process smoother, faster and easier for you. With virtually no overhead costs and proven product formulas that are beneficial to all skin types, you can start building your dream beauty empire today!