Aug 08, 2018

5 Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Private Label Skin Care Products

Private label products are essentially goods produced by a third-party manufacturer and sold under the brand name of a particular retailer. This excellent selling model has been attracting much more sellers than ever before.

The Internet is among the most popular selling options as it provides a great method of reaching a large customer base that extends outside the local community. Additionally, it can be cost effective as you are not required to invest in a booth, display shelving, or other expenses associated with owning a physical store.

The easiest way to sell your products online is by developing your own website; however, many people may not have the resources yet available to build out a full-blown ecommerce site. Building out an ecommerce site requires the purchase of a domain and the development of a website. If an ecommerce site is not yet in the cards for your business, you can try selling your products through a reputable online marketplace. Below are our five recommendations for online marketplaces to sell your private-labeled skin care products.


This is one of the online marketplaces that allow sellers to create online shops with different pages for every product. The pages include images of the product and relevant information such as pricing and ingredients. Etsy’s format enables customers to quickly and easily get information concerning each product.

Etsy is an extremely popular marketplace among artisans and those looking to sell their own products. According to a 2016 Statista report, 87 percent of business owners on Etsy are females, making this a great space for female skin care entrepreneurs to sell their own custom-branded products.


If you opt to sell your skin care products on eBay, the significant factor in developing a good seller reputation is consistency in delivering optimal customer service. Customers expect their products to ship right away and if that does not happen, a bad review is almost sure to follow. That could lead to potential buyers deciding to shop elsewhere.

Ebay is also a great online marketplace because not only is it extremely popular, but it’s been around for a significant amount of time and allows anyone, anywhere to sell goods to a vast audience. According to another Statista report, eBay had 168 million active users in the third quarter of 2017.


Amazon is an undisputed giant among online marketplaces and one of the first platforms that leaps to mind when a number of individuals contemplate selling products online. They have an expansive reach for finding prospective customers and they provide an easy-to-use platform for selling numerous products in a wide range of categories, including skin care.

Additionally, unless a seller chooses to store his or her items with Amazon, he or she will not be charged a fee until the items are sold. When the item is bought, Amazon collects either the per-item minimum referral fee or the established referral fee, depending on the amount that is higher.


In 2016, social media giant, Facebook, announced that it would be integrating a marketplace feature into its platform. Many people engage in commerce on Facebook. Facebook’s marketplace integration came after the rise in popularity of a variety of Buy and Sell groups.

Facebook is a great platform for skin care entrepreneurs to utilize in selling their products to their local community. Facebook marketplace can be used in conjunction with other marketplaces to ensure that not only you service your local community, but service those worldwide.


Bonanza is among the best options for retailers in the skincare industry. This marketplace has many similarities with eBay; sellers create online booths to display and sell their items. These itemized products are listed at fixed rates.