Sep 07, 2018

7 Expert Sales Tips for Selling Products in Your Salon

Selling retail in your salon gives you the potential to boost profits and keep clients coming back. A client is 30% more likely to return after buying a product. Retail also provides high profit margins, which makes it easier for your salon to grow and succeed.

As a beauty expert, it’s your job to inform clients about the wonderful Onoxa products you have and how they can help. This means selling is an important part of a successful salon. There are several simple ways to boost your sales without sounding pushy. Here are 7 tips to use to make selling easier and your salon more profitable.

1. Communicate With The Front Desk

The front desk is an essential component in the communication between you and your customer. Create a clear process so you can inform your client about any promotions prior to their appointment. This gives them the opportunity to check out your product specials as soon as they come in.

Find out which products to pull and make them visible to the customer. Give them the opportunity to buy by revealing your recommendations at the end of their visit. Be sure to list products used during the visit on their receipt so they remember for next time. The front desk should also jot down any special notes for future references.

2. Consult Your Customer

Great client consultation is key. This starts at the shampoo bowl. Ask questions to discover their wants, needs, and lifestyle. Perhaps they are looking to lighten their hair, brighten their face, or moisturize their scalp. Listen closely to your client so you can translate their thoughts and ideas into a look that radiates their beauty.

Dig into their routine, what kind of style they are looking for, and what challenges they face. And listen closely so you can translate their thoughts and ideas into a look that radiates their beauty. This way, you not only gain their trust, but also will know exactly which products to use.

3. Educate Rather Than Sell

The goal behind selling a product is to answer this question: How will it solve your client’s problems? For example, if your client has dry hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner that gives instant shine. Comment on how nice their hair or face looks after using the product. Allow them to touch, smell and use it themselves. Recommend or offer advice, and then your client won’t be pressured into buying something they may not want.

4. Offer Samples

People love trying products, especially before making a purchase. It’s an easy way to make your clients happy and get them to try something new. Product samples often lead to sales, and then some.

If they like a product after trying a sample they are more likely to try other products. Ask the product company if they can offer sample sizes or extra product for you to create in-house samples yourself.

5. Merchandise Decor

Shopping and browsing for products should be an experience. Keep shelves clean, organized and well stocked. Don’t display your products on bookshelves or behind locked doors. Make products readily available and within reach. Proven heights of accessibility are between 22 and 66 inches.

Make your retail space an inviting area by offering tea or coffee as an incentive for them to look at the products. Arrange complimentary salon products next to each other and display testers in front of them.

6. Choose a Product You Stand Behind

It’s a lot easier to educate customers on a product you really believe in. Make sure to stock your shelves and use products on clients that you feel coincide with your values. If you choose products you absolutely love, they will sell themselves.

Educate yourself on the brand before purchasing and ask yourself if the products set your salon apart and if the brand is providing education and support. You’ll know then how to solve your clients problems.

7. Brand Your Own Products in just a Few Clicks

Onoxa makes it easy for you to sell your own private labeled products. We create high-end products with natural ingredients that will set your salon apart. Customers will build trust when you have your name on them.

Start off with a Sample Kit, with your logo on it. You’ll have 24 products to display in your salon, featuring 3 different industry-leading formulas. It’s a great way to see what piques your clients’ interests and understand which products sell. Get started today, and receive your products at your doorstep in a week.

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