Dec 04, 2019

Why Sell Private Label Skin Care Products in Your Spa or Salon?

Veteran spa and salon owners understand that product sales are no longer bringing in the revenue they once did. With more big-name retailers increasing accessibility to high-end beauty products and online shopping surpassing in-store purchases, spas and salons have seen a clear drop in product revenue in the past two decades.

Now for the good news.

Selling custom-branded products is a great way to boost revenue.

When you look at the numbers, the most profitable spa and salon businesses are those that don’t rely solely on income generated from services. Instead, they have learned how to develop a steady stream of income from retail (i.e. product) sales.

According to one industry expert, “When you look at the most successful salons they typically have a higher share of retail sales 14-18% [compared with the typical 8%] as they’ve figured out that this is a profitable addition to the core service salon offer.” 

You can probably guess where this is going: Custom-branded products are a simple and, more importantly, affordable way to increase product sales—especially if you work with a manufacturer like Onoxa that offers competitive pricing and one of the lowest minimum order quantities (MOQs) industry wide.

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Private label products are like a business card—but better.

Did you know a client is 30% more likely to return after buying a product? And, it stands to reason that if they continue to see positive results at home, they are more likely to return and purchase that product again.

Now imagine if that product had your name and logo on it.

In many ways, private label skin care products are an extension of your advertising; when customers see your name on a product they love, it builds trust in your brand and fosters a lasting business-consumer relationship. 

Not only that, but when your clients’ friends notice the results and ask what they use, voilà! Word of mouth gets out, more new clients book appointments, and more of your custom products are sold.  

A branded skin care line also sets you apart from your competitors.

Introducing a private label product line in your spa or salon sends a unique message to your patrons about who you are and what you stand for as a business. For example, many clients will resonate with products that are vegan, cruelty free, and made here in the United States.

This is especially important today, as many consumers are making a conscious shift from supporting big retail giants to buying from smaller, independent brands

Smart business owners can capitalize on this shift by creating a branded product line. Plus, because you have control over pricing and production with private label products, you can choose to provide free samples for clients who purchase a service or as part of a promotion. And, as every smart business owner knows, free samples lead to purchases.

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