Dec 27, 2019

5 Tips for Designing Your Brand – When Launching with Onoxa

There’s a lot that goes into launching your own beauty brand, such as a business plan, financial investing, location, partners, etc. But, the most fun part is the design! This includes your brand’s style or theme, your logo, your label, your website, etc. Although we don’t create logos for your business, we can create a label design based off anything you send us! Read our tips below when designing your brand before, or after, getting started!

1. Gather Design Research & Inspiration

It’s important to research what successful brands are doing and know all your creative options! Research label designs on websites, such as Pinterest, to get inspiration from other brands and their products. You can view Onoxa’s Pinterest board for label design inspiration for helpful suggestions from our marketing team. If you find something you like, upload these images in the Order Confirmation Design Request Form or send us your label inspiration and order number to, and we will recreate something unique for you.

Not finding the inspo you’re looking for? Onoxa has a list of label backgrounds to choose from. Just tell us the one you like and we can use it on your label!  

If you are savvy with design programs, such as Adobe programs or, you can view or download our label templates we use and create your own label designs. Send us your labels as PDFs and we’ll make sure it’s compliant with FDA standards before we print. 

2. Be Creative

In your mind, what does your brand look like? You should have an overall vision of what impression or style you want to present to your customers. Think of what will intrigue them to purchase or what tells your brand’s story.

All labels come with their original product names, your brand, distributed info, cautions, ingredients, and directions. Any other text added would be by your requests.

Did you know that you can rename your products when purchasing from Onoxa? Our product names are only suggestions when it comes to naming. Our products are made to have multiple purposes, meaning they can be tailored to market to your customer base.

For instance, if you sell men’s skin care, you can change the Hand & Body Restore Cream to “Men’s After Shave Care”. Or, name your products after someone, something or it’s key ingredients, such as “Rose Serum” for our Pro-Repair Serum, or “Lavender Salve” for our Detox Nightwear Cream. This type of branding will make your products unique!

Onoxa offers free foiling for bulk orders of 6 or more products. We can foil logos or accents on your labels. Choose from gold, silver, blue, or red metallic foils. We also can use black foil on any dark colored labels. Request for foil in your Order Confirmation Design Form or simply email after placing your order to indicate which areas of the label you’d like to print in foil. (Please note: Foil is not currently available for Sample Kit orders.)

3. Remember Your Online Presence

When thinking about your brand’s design, don’t forget that there’s more to it than just the label’s design. Your website and social media should capture part of your brand’s style, and represent your brand’s creativity and story. 

One easy improvement to your brand’s online design is to take product photography. We’ve noticed a lot of our customers only use their digital renders from their downloadable brochures or their digital design proofs. Although product image renderings look very clean, we recommend taking photos of your actual products. Think about when you online shop. You want to see the items you are purchasing from multiple angles and pictures. Just like you, your customers want to see what your product will look like in their hands. Read our tips on taking better product photography for your website and social media pages.

When posting about your product descriptions online, it’s perfectly acceptable to use Onoxa’s product descriptions from their product pages or the descriptions on your downloadable brochures. But, make sure to tell your story with your brand! You can edit the product description for your website to show you believe in your product and what it means to you. (Just don’t make product claims Onoxa doesn’t to be FDA compliant.) 

Example: “This formula contains caffeine to awaken and revitalize the appearance of the skin around the eyes,” can be changed to “Awaken your eyes with Glow’s Cucumber Caffeine Gel for a refreshed appearance.”

4. Get Advice

When in doubt, ask others for help! Show your friends, family, or others in the beauty industry what they think of your branding choices. Do they like your labels? Ask them what their opinions are on your brand name, label design, product names, etc.

Join Onoxa’s Facebook group, Onoxa Beauty Insiders for marketing tips, advice from other customers in the discussion board, and their learning units for videos on getting started. Post questions or pictures for insights from other Onoxa Insiders and their marketing team!

5. If You Haven’t Yet, Sample It!

Before launching your brand and ordering your first wholesale stock order, you should have ordered your Sample Kit. You’ll know what your products look like, feel like and smell like to better understand what your brand’s label could be. Since Onoxa offers free custom-label design, even on Sample Kits, you might already have a design idea to send us!

If you liked the label that came on your Sample Kit, that’s great! We can definitely recreate the label for your bulk order with any edits you may have.

Ready to try it out yourself? Get your custom-designed labels and products on your own Sample Kit now! Learn more about our process here.