Jan 30, 2020

Label Backgrounds: Our Templates & Ideas

When launching your skin care brand, research label designs on websites, such as Pinterest, to get inspiration from other brands and their products. You can view Onoxa’s Pinterest board for label design inspiration for helpful suggestions from our marketing team. If you find something you like, upload these images in the Order Confirmation Design Request Form or send us your label inspiration and order number to artwork@onoxa.com, and we will recreate something unique for you.

Not finding the inspiration for your skin care labels?

Onoxa has a list of label backgrounds to choose from. Just tell us the one you like and we can use it on your label!  

If you are savvy with design programs, such as Adobe programs or Canva.com, you can view or download our label templates we use and create your own label designs. Send us your labels as PDFs and we’ll make sure it’s compliant with FDA standards before we print. 

Need other ideas when designing your brand? Read our 5 tips when launching.