Aug 02, 2021

Beauty from Within: The Rise of Inner Wellness Products

The beauty industry is evolving. 

In response to current trends and a noticeable shift in consumer purchase behavior, both individual brands and popular retailers like Ulta and Sephora are broadening their product base to include inner wellness products.

According to Mintel Health & Wellness Analyst Andrea Wroble in a recent blog, “Adults are adopting a multifaceted approach to health and choosing products and services that complement their personal wellness and evolving needs. In particular, the beauty industry is taking an interest in the wellness revolution as self-care becomes an essential component of physical, mental and emotional health.”

What are inner wellness products?

Inner wellness products go beyond traditional topical skin care and cosmetics to include those items that support beauty and personal care on a whole-body level—from the inside out, so to speak.

Beauty supplements, for example, are becoming an increasingly popular offering among beauty brands. Especially recently, as consumers gravitate toward holistic wellness and self-care solutions, supplements offer a unique way to not only support healthy skin and hair, but also to assist with natural detoxification, maintain digestive health, manage weight, encourage restful sleep, promote energy, and support optimal brain function. Visit our blog to learn more about the benefits of adding beauty supplements to your product line. 

Hemp-derived CBD formulas are also popping up everywhere, with smart beauty business owners recognizing a growing demand among consumers. Cannabidiol, a natural compound extracted from the hemp plant, is believed to offer numerous benefits for healthy skin, as well as therapeutic properties to support overall wellness. Visit the Onoxa blog for more information on incorporating CBD formulas into your existing product catalog and what you need to know about advertising your hemp skin care line. 

Other inner wellness products include infused chocolate bars, superfood protein powders, and aromatherapy and essential oil formulas, which are widely used to help relieve stress and tension and improve sleep quality, as well as to provide other benefits. 

Why are they good for business?

If you recently launched your beauty business, you may be hesitant to include a wide selection of products. However, expanding your product inventory to include inner wellness products allows you to reach an even broader audience, which in turn will help your business increase revenue over time. 

Adding inner wellness solutions also shows you are paying attention to your consumers and making their wants and needs a priority. When they see their favorite small business grow to include the products they have been searching for, people who have purchased from you before will not only take notice but will often spread the word to friends and family. Buyer loyalty will grow, as will your customer community

In contrast, launching your business with just one or two products significantly limits your ability to reach a variety of market segments and can impact your potential earnings. To help you feel confident offering a wide variety of products, including inner wellness products, Onoxa offers the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ) in the industry at just 12 units.

Why do they appeal to your consumers? 

In a word: simplicity. 

Instead of buying an excess of products from a variety of different brands, modern beauty consumers are becoming more discerning in their purchase behavior. They are opting for fewer products or “multi-use” products to simplify their daily beauty routines and lessen their impact on the planet. In addition, they are more likely to find one or two brands whose values are aligned with their own and form strong bonds with those brands over time. 

Of course, they still want to look and feel beautiful inside and out, which is why inner wellness products have become so popular among consumers. Making sure your business provides the products and ingredients that appeal to them is often the key to turning casual buyers into lifelong customers.

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