Oct 12, 2020

Grow Your Beauty Business and Boost Revenue by Adding Men’s Skin Care Products

Gone are the days of guys using a single bar of soap for all their skin care and cosmetic needs. Men today care more about personal grooming than ever, so much so that a quick YouTube search will bring up countless videos and series about skin care tips and products to help men look their best. 

Sure, there will always be those diehard dudes who are sticking with the bar-of-soap routine, but for the most part the market for men’s skin care has taken off, and it looks like the trend will continue. 

Men’s skin care is a “multibillion dollar growth opportunity.”

A recent CNBC article called male consumers a “multibillion dollar growth opportunity for the beauty industry,” pointing out that sales of men’s skin care products had jumped 7% in the past year, and that the market sector was on track for explosive growth in the coming years. 

On that same note, a report released earlier this year by Grand View Research, Inc. revealed that the market size for men’s skin care products—including shave care products, cleansers and face wash, creams and moisturizers, sunscreen, and other products—is anticipated to reach $18.92 billion by 2027. (That’s billion with a b.) 

According to the authors, “The average modern man is becoming increasingly keen on caring for his skin, thereby encouraging many skincare products’ manufacturers to enter the men’s category … beauty and personal care brands capitalize on the need for men to care for their skin by offering products to target males of all skin types.”

With more guys feeling comfortable taking an interest in personal grooming and purchasing products to nourish and protect their skin and hair, now is the perfect time to think about expanding your product line to cater to male customers.

Adding men’s skin care products is a smart way to expand your business revenue. 

As an entrepreneur, you know that limiting yourself to a specific customer base simply doesn’t make financial sense. As consumer wants and needs evolve, it’s important to pay attention to those needs and ensure your product line is diverse enough to cater to a broad range of customers. Adding a men’s line opens up new revenue opportunities to help your business stay profitable.

Which men’s personal care products are the most popular?

It may surprise you to learn that, with the exception of products geared toward facial hair, what’s trending in men’s skin care and grooming products looks very similar to what your female customers are asking for.

According to experts at Men’s Health, GQ, Vogue, and others, some of the most sought-after men’s personal care products in 2020 included facial cleansers, eye creams, beard oil, daily moisturizers, nighttime restorative formulas, and vitamin C and retinol serums

In fact, GQ.com posted an article last month titled, “Basically Everyone Should Add Niacinamide to Their Skincare Routine,” in which they credited the vitamin B derivative, found in many of Onoxa’s private label beauty products, with promoting smoother, stronger skin. 

What products does Onoxa offer for men? 

Let’s start with hair care.

Our coffee-scented Cold Brew Beard Oil quenches and softens even the roughest beards, with conditioning properties derived from argan, apricot, and crambe abyssinica seeds and kernels. It promotes the appearance of shiny, thicker, and smoother hair by nourishing coarse facial hair. Key benefits include:

  • Hydrates and softens rough facial hair
  • Grooms untamed hair for a silky feel
  • Promotes healthy hair shine

And for men who want a healthy scalp and the appearance of fuller, thicker hair, our protein-rich Biotin Boost Hair Serum contains amino acids to help revitalize the scalp and boost the appearance of fine, dull hair. Key benefits include:

  • Boosts appearance of smoother, stronger hair
  • Helps improve dryness & provides scalp moisture
  • Nourishes hair for shine & thicker appearance

Insider tip: Any of our creams can double as a men’s aftershave product.

This includes our Hydrating Face Moisturizer, made with aloe-infused water and hyaluronic acid and blended with Vitamins B, C, and E to help lock in moisture and leave skin feeling smooth and nourished. 

For evening use, our Hemp Detox Nightwear Cream helps to recharge skin and restore a youthful glow with 300 mg of hemp extract to improve the appearance of elasticity and firmness. And, our Restore Cream includes retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) to help reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines. 

Another great product for men is our Eye Corrector Serum, which helps to minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Used daily, it combats the appearance of fatigue, aging, and photodamage to leave skin looking hydrated and smooth.

Here are a few quick marketing tips for selling men’s skin care products. 

The great thing about owning your own private label skin care business is that you have a ton of freedom when it comes to naming, labeling, and packaging your products. With Onoxa, many of the products you already market and sell to your female clients can do double duty as men’s products with just a little creativity. 

For example, if you offer our Hydrating Face Moisturizer in the clear packaging for women, consider offering the hemp version for men in the amber packaging and calling it something like, Deep Hydration Hemp Aftershave. (Yes! You can rename any of our products! Learn more about that here.)

Bundles are also a smart marketing strategy for selling your men’s products, especially with the holidays coming up. Bundles make great gift ideas, plus they offer simplicity. Some ideas include:

And remember, you can change the product names to whatever you think works best. For more tips on bundling your products, check out our blog, Why, When and How to Bundle Your Custom-Branded Products.

Finally, when selling men’s skin care products, representation is important.

On your website, your social media sites, and/or in your printed marketing materials, make sure your men’s line is well represented. You can do this by posting images of the products you offer, using customer before and after photos (which are often more impactful than stock photography), and even providing positive testimonials and client reviews. 

Want more ideas? Join our Onoxa Insiders Facebook group to connect with other beauty entrepreneurs for additional tips and advice on expanding your product line to attract a male audience and make your business even more profitable.

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