Jan 21, 2021

5 Simple Ways to Step Up Your Product Packaging

Distinguish your brand and bring in more sales with these creative packaging and shipping ideas.

Smart business owners understand that success only begins with a quality product. 

After that, it’s all about adding your unique personality and style to set your brand apart and engage with your customers on a deeper level. As a beauty entrepreneur, you understand this better than most. 

Through your packaging and shipping materials, you have an opportunity to make a memorable first impression with your customers and entice them to come back again and again. Not only that, but seeing the thoughtfulness you put into your packaging may inspire them to recommend your business to their friends and family, which is a great way to expand your customer base and bring in additional revenue.

If you’re not sure where to start, remember that even the simplest touches can go a long way toward making an impact on new and existing customers. Take a moment to consider the following tips before you send out your next shipment of orders. 

5 simple ways to enhance your packaging.

1 – Add a little flair.

Who doesn’t love a flourish of ribbon or the swish of beautiful tissue paper? Nobody, that’s who. Regardless of the size of your budget, you can definitely come up with some creative ways to get crafty with your packaging. Think custom product boxes, customized tissue paper, handmade confetti, printed tape, shimmery gauze gift bags, stickers, stamps, and we could go on. Not made of money? Check out your local dollar store for some inexpensive inspiration!

2 – Step up your shipping.

Who says boring, run-of-the-mill shipping materials need to be the norm? If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, consider upgrading your look. These skin care-themed shipping boxes from Onoxa are a great start, or you can spend a little more on custom boxes or fun printed mailers. Another nice touch? Eco-friendly packing materials such as shredded paper, biodegradable peanuts, and corrugated bubble wrap. 

3 – Write personalized notes.

These days, handwritten notes are hard to come by, which means they are all the more impactful when you do get them. Business owners can keep it simple with a note that says, “Thank you for your business!” or you take it a step further and ask your customers to consider leaving a review or sharing their thoughts and photos on social media. You can also include inspirational quotes, fun sayings, and even helpful tips about how to use the products.

4 – Include your business cards.

Even when shipping orders to repeat customers, always be sure to add a business card or two in with your packaging. Not only does this keep your brand at the top of their mind when they run out of their favorite skin care and beauty products, but they can also pass along your business cards to friends and family who may be looking for similar products. 

5 – Wow them with added surprises.

Customers love freebies, and guess what? They’re also really good for business. Check out our blog for some inspiration on adding free samples to your next shipments. Another great idea? Offer a coupon for 10, 15, or 20 percent off their next order as an incentive to order again soon. 

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