Mar 19, 2020

While Social Distancing, Grow Your Online Business with 5 Facebook Ad Types

Now that the COVID-19 is spreading among communities in the United States and other countries, “social distancing” is purposely increasing the physical space between people to avoid spreading illness. This means staying at home from work, events, seeing friends, etc.

With the social distancing in place, utilize your spare time to beef up your online advertising. Facebook is an effective platform to promote your business, and that is now easier with the availability of different types of ads. The billions of users on Facebook provide an opportunity for enterprises of all kinds to market to a diverse audience. Whether you are starting a home-based skin care business, selling crafts, or running a fortune 500 company, the targeting options on Facebook are hard to pass up. The different types of Facebook ads make it possible for marketers to model campaigns that align with their brands. Marketers should know which ads are suitable for their campaign objectives. Below is a breakdown of a few of the basic Facebook ad types.

Lead Generations Ads

These Facebook ads are designed to help a skin care business collect information on consumers. Originally, lead ads were available for mobile only, but now marketers can access the desktop placements. What happens is that when a user clicks on a lead ad, it redirects to a form, which they must fill out. Facebook is making the process less complicated by populating some of the fields. Lead generation ads are suitable for building email lists, which are essential for retargeting. This can help skin care entrepreneurs promote their brand through multi-channels.

Offer Ads

When a customer is stuck between consideration and purchase, an offer ad can provide the needed push in the right direction. Facebook ads allow you to customize promotions, deals, and other incentives to suit specific audiences. Besides getting undecided customers to spend their money, offer ads are effective in attracting new customers. You can create offer ads to showcase the newest arrivals. Facebook lets you set a date for the offer ads, enable online and/or in-store redemption, and decide whether to have group or individual promo codes for your offer ads. These types of ads are a great way to take your skin care business to the next level.

Right Sidebar Ads

For a small skin care business with limited ad spend, right sidebar Facebook ads are affordable ways to promote your brand. These are small adverts placed on the right sidebar of a Facebook page. You get primary geographic and demographic targeting options to ensure your ads are broadcast to the appropriate audiences. Marketers can also narrow down the targeting based on interests. The main goal of these Facebook ads is to boost your page’s “like” count. You can pad up right sidebar ads with quality content and promotions.

Video Ads

Facebook videos have become invaluable to businesses. Any good marketing campaign should include a strategy for video because nothing passes a message better than visuals. Plain text can get monotonous, but video allows you to do a lot more. An enterprise can use video ads for several marketing goals from converting leads to creating repeat customers with thank you clips. Skin care businesses can demonstrate the effectiveness of their products through video and promote this to their audience base.

Event Ads

One way to drum up interest for an upcoming event is to advertise using Facebook ads. Skin care businesses already have the Facebook event feature, which makes it easier to generate attendance. Event ads are easy to create when you already understand how the event feature works. When holding a trade show, exhibition, or product launch party, these Facebook ads are the perfect way to have your loyal customers be part of the experience.

Facebook users are some of the most engaged on the web, which makes them the ideal people to market to. With a variety of Facebook ads and high-quality skincare products from Onoxa, you can find a format that suits your marketing bottom-line.

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