Oct 17, 2019

4 Ways to Improve Your Spa or Salon’s Guest Experience

Increasing your guests’ experience with you will overall improve your business. Implementing these ways to improve can increase your customer retention rate, word of mouth marketing, and, of course, profit. 

1. Hire Personable Staff – First impressions are everything. 

It’s important for your guest to not only feel welcome, but to be recognized by who they are and what they need. Train your front desk to service them with a refreshing drink and make notes of what they like and what’s important to them. 

Show them your gratitude and speak about how grateful you are for them coming into your salon or spa. Go beyond and ask them questions to get to know them and what they are expecting of their visit. Remembering people by name, their birthdays, and special occasions are important to note. The customer feels valued when you remember them and gives you an opportunity to ask about them when they return to your salon or spa. 

The massage therapist, estheticians and stylists have the opportunity in the rooms to ask questions and make sure they are having the best experience. Take the time to get to know the client and listen to them while giving them their massage or giving them their mask. Make the customer’s feel welcomed, important, and known. 

2. Make Booking Easy – Nobody wants to wait in line. 

We live in a world where everything is given to us instantly and we would sometimes rather click a button than speak with someone. It’s best to set up an online booking system for those who would like to schedule an appointment at their own convenience. This way, you’ll never overbook and they can take their time choosing which treatments they want. 

Make it easy to navigate on your website and create online accounts to give your guests the opportunity to sign into their own accounts. They can reschedule appointments and access previous bookings. Be sure to add a section for customer notes, which add to their customer experience. 

Take advantage of the booking software available to create easy booking solutions and deliver profitable actions. 

3. Offer Loyalty Programs & Packages – People like to feel like they belong. 

Not only do loyal customers cost less, but they are more likely to visit more often and try more products. When customers are receiving loyalty rewards and feel superior because of their status, they are more likely to spend more. 

Consider implementing a program of hierarchy, like bronze, silver, and gold members to motivate customers to level up and gain more rewards. This is an inexpensive way to give guests incentives to return and provide you insights of your most loyal customers’ habits. This in turn will help improve your offering by creating packages that are more personalized. It gives you an opportunity to offer different treatments or facial products that are not available anywhere else.  

Market your salon on social media by creating a special group or contact list to keep in touch for any special promotions or specials. Make your customers count and feel wanted by offering incentives and programs to keep them coming back.

4. Customer Feedback – Customer feedback is essential. 

Get to know your ratings based on the reservation, staff and overall experience. Find out how you can enhance their experience the next time. If they had an intense treatment, create a reminder to check in with them after they leave to see how they are feeling. 

Get together with your staff to communicate both the positive and negative feedback so you know where to improve and reasons that keep them coming back. 

Offer ways on social media for them to comment on their experience. Encourage the clients with flyers or stickers to leave a review, which in turn gives other people a reason in the area to come try your buisiness out. 

Knowing what the customers want and how their experience was will separate you from competitors in the area.

All these little but impactful things you can do in your spa and/or salon will keep customers returning instead of going somewhere else. Follow these tips to create the best experience for your clients and they will continue to come back to your business to spend more money and spread the word to become the market’s best.