Jun 14, 2019

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect At-Home Skin Care Shopping Party

With summer-time just around the corner, you may be wondering how to market your custom line of Onoxa beauty products. The answer – planning your very own at-home skin care shopping party. You don’t need to pay employees or rent space to host a party in your own home, making the endeavor more profitable than other retail sales. Better yet, shopping parties foster an environment where everybody usually ends up purchasing something.

Here are 10 tips to help ensure that your at-home skin care shopping party lives up to your expectations.

1. Remind Invitees That You’re Having a Party

Many people forget about parties they want to attend, so a simple phone call or text the day before can ensure that they show up. Some may also be encouraged to go by talking to the host and/or business owner directly, providing an additional incentive to remind potential customers about the event. 

2. Prepare Beforehand

Make sure that you have everything set up before guests start arriving. It lends credibility to your brand as an actual business, and helps ensure that you have everything you need to make the party a success. 

3. Stock Plenty of Inventory

Your guests will want immediate gratification with every skin care product they purchase, so don’t make them wait until your next Onoxa shipment to deliver their beauty merchandise. Instead, have plenty of inventory on hand so that you can sell as much as possible.

4. Try an Open House Format

An Open House format means that you set aside a block of time for your event and allow customers to come and go as they please during it. Guests are more likely to attend an event that does not require a strict time commitment, and you can give more customers your undivided attention when there are fewer in your home at a time.

5. Use Wish Lists

Invite friends and family members of regular customers to your event and provide them with a wish list your customer filled out for you previously. This takes the guessing game out of the shopping experience while simultaneously ensuring that you make a sale. 

6. Be Yourself During the Event

Your small skin care business and Onoxa are dictated by you, so don’t try to be something you’re not at the event. Actors frequently come off as stiff or money-hungry, neither of which projects the image you’re looking for.

7. Skip the Sales Presentation

Potential customers are going to your party primarily to have a good time, so don’t bore them with a lecture on why they should purchase something now. Instead, let them have fun and watch the sales process happen organically. The same principle applies to the tacky games some people start their parties with–research shows that these are largely unnecessary. 

8. Be As Positive As You Can Be

Your guests don’t care if this was a tough quarter, your new skin care product isn’t selling as anticipated, or your mother had a health issue, so avoid sharing these sobering details even if they’re true. You should instead try to keep everything as upbeat as possible by smiling, laughing, and genuinely having a good time. This encourages prospective customers to make a purchase.  

9. Accept Credit Cards

Many people get caught up in at-home shopping parties and decide to purchase more than they originally intended to. They may not have the cash or checkbook on them to complete this transaction, but they almost certainly have a credit card to swipe if you can accept it. 

10. Acknowledge Your Customers After the Fact

People like to know their business is appreciated, so send a Thank You! note or text to everyone after the event. Their goodwill could turn into your next regular customer!