How does the label design proofing process work?

○ Shortly after placing an order for wholesale products, you can expect to receive an email from PageProof, our platform for label design review. Within this email, you will find instructions on how to review and provide feedback on your brand label design.
For all custom-branded orders, we offer three rounds of proofs completely FREE of charge. This allows you to make any necessary edits and ensure your brand label design meets your expectations.
To assist you in navigating the PageProof platform, we have prepared tutorials for both desktop and mobile users. You can access the desktop tutorial here and the mobile tutorial here, providing you with step-by-step guidance on utilizing the platform effectively.

○ It’s important to bear in mind that the proofs are not shown in print ready resolution. Logos and other design elements may appear fuzzy in the proofs but will look clear once the label is printed. There also may be slight variations between the colors displayed in digital proofs and the actual printed labels. This discrepancy arises from the differences in color rendering between screen monitors and printed materials. Printed labels may appear slightly darker due to the characteristics of inked paper compared to the brightness of an illuminated screen. Rest assured that our team is dedicated to ensuring your labels are printed as accurately as possible, aligning with your approved proofs. Please note that using multiple screens may also lead to variations in the appearance of label colors.